Bob Young vs David Braley

Brilliant article today in the Spec regarding this Sunday's clash and the two owner's thoughts:


"At one and the same time as David and I have fiduciary responsibility for the league, we're stabbing each other in the back as effectively as we can on the field. Our fans know that even though he may be my friend and league colleague, that doesn't mean I won't take great joy in beating the hell out of his team on Sunday."


For entire story, click and read this:

Beauty, if it ISN'T like that among owners and players and anyone involved with a team, no matter if you're great friends off the field, then you shouldn't be in the business of professional sports IMHO. There is sportsmanship in pro sports, no question, but sportsmanship with wanting to win and doing whatever you have to do to win that is legal and under the umbrella of human decency.

Two very classy men and the winner is ........ the citizens of Hamilton. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

I'm a big fan of both gentlemen.

My only question is....why didn't Braley spend money like that when he owned US?????

Very enlightening. Both these fella's are a credit to the CFL and its history.
Thanks to Steve Milton for another excellent piece of journalism.

Maybe he has more money to spend now... lol

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We need to do a Tail of tape Like they do in Boxing :slight_smile: