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The TO situation is up in the air. But he said that the drama is part of the appeal of the CFL :lol:

Says that the TO situation must be resolved sooner rather than later. There might be a "temporary solution" (his words) until the world financial crisis resolves itself and they can find a rich guy willing to own a CFL franchise.

Says the value of the league is up due to it being run well. The economics need to work to have a stable league and he has considered making the Cats community owned. Community owned might mean thousands of shareholders or selling to a group of city leaders. But back-to-back 3-15 seasons killed that idea for the time being.

Re: Argos to BMO. It is going from a bad place to a good place. He likes the Skydome, but it isn't a very good football stadium. It is easier to sell tickets in a better facility.

Re: a joint stadium. A big part of the existence is the rivalry, and a stadium share would be hard. But now thanks to the Pan-Ams, that possibility is put to rest.

The quality of governance is improving in Hamilton. And that is what has made the new stadium a reality. He called the new stadium a community project. I think he meant community in the sense that it wasn't a top-down decision making process, but a lot of movers and shakers in Hamilton all found themselves on the same page.

The Cats could be in the stadium before the Pan-Am games. The Pan-Am people want them in before the games to put the new stadium through its paces. He mentioned retractable stands. So the stadium will be a track stadium.

There is no location chosen. They want to choose the "most economic location" He doesn't care about the location, as long as it is in Hamilton. But as a Hamiltonian and businessman, he wants it to be in the best location for the betterment of Hamilton with respect to future development.

I like Bob Young, he was in the studio for the interview.

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Nothing about why Larry Tanenbaum was at the CFL awards ceremony?