Bob Young talks Fenway Park, & the IWS Scrapbook

Has anyone gone through the Ivor Wynne Stadium scrapbooks at the Hamilton Public Library? They certainly dont' seem to be complete as just as one example, there really isn't much coverage of the 1972 Grey Cup in there among other things, but it is an interesting read none the less.

Here are the highlights I found. A link to those highlights can be found under these bullets.

1.Opening up to the first page of the six volume scrapbook, dated 1957. 'Build a new stadium in Kings Forest or upgrade Ivor Wynne'; and so the trend continues to present day.

2.Bob Young talked about a Fenway Park vision for Ivor Wynne back in 2004. Wonder what happened to that vision? (see Steve Milton's article from 2004 in link below)

  1. The OMB forced the City of Hamilton to hold a vote by the people, becuase of the amount of un-budgeted money council was about to spend on rebuilding the north stands. A citizens group fought it and lost, but a city wide vote was held. A group of 60 people petitioned and even hired a lawyer to represent them. Wouldnt' a vote be nice right now. At least we would know where we stand with regards to spending all this money on a new stadium, or restore Ivor Wynne. You would probably have to have quite a few boxes to check so people could say yes build it, but at West Harbour, or CP is fine or ...
    (see second article listed in link below in bold print)

4.The Ballard years should be read into. His game was a little dirtier, but there are some similarities from a stadium in Burlington, Milton, moving the Cats to Varsity Stadium in Toronto, etc. (from '81 on in link below)