Bob Young preparing to sell Ticats?

I know, I know...the source. I hope it's not true in any event. Bob, if you're new GM hires the right coach (Charlie Tafte for example) and you CAN succeed. Please don't bail now...on behalf of the entire CFL I beseech you to stick with it!

Also, try to win the rest of your games this season. You would be helping my 'Riders out a little. :slight_smile:

Hey- anything is possible but no owner in his right mind would try to sell at the low point in the market if he didn't have to. When the team is going good and the renewals are in hand....

I think that Bob is missing the fun as well. If he HAS speculated about this it's not much different from those of us wondering about season ticket renewals now... is it?

From what Bob said in the paper a few days ago, he is not selling the TiCats. This article would therefore seem to be an outright lie.
Of course, although I'm not looking for a new job right now, if someone came along and offered me a job that pays a lot more, of course you would listen, anyone would.

Marty York = McMahon

Don't Believe the hype from York

* Danny Maciocia almost certainly will be fired as the Edmonton Eskimos head coach if his team loses to the Stampeders in Calgary on Friday night; * Hamilton Pussy-Cats owner Bob Young is trying to, or is preparing to, sell his woebegone franchise; * Don Matthews won’t be back as Montreal’s head coach next season if the Alouettes don’t rebound from their four consecutive losses and finish this season strongly; * The Argos are among several CFL clubs seeking to sign Canadian offensive lineman Steve Morely, cut the other day by the New York Jets; * Toronto quarterback Damon Allen will become the Argos’ offensive co-ordinator next season.
Danny Maciocia getting fired is the only one that could happen. 1 out of 5 for Marty would be a good day.

I normally don't pay much attention to York's musings and if I do read his stuff, I find them good for comic relief only....but this rumour he's trying to spread is potentially damaging given that not all people know of his broken reputation....

.....he's playing with fire on this one in my opinion as he's messing with a credible business operation which has a huge fanbase and sponsors.

I know he has "poetic license" to a certain extent but there are limits.

So mikey, what you are saying is that Mr. York really does have an axe to grind agains't Bob Young for some reason like perhaps the parking issue for media people? Or maybe some issue much bigger than this ie. maybe he applied for a job with the Cats and didn't get it?

I have no idea what his problem may be.(besides a smaller paycheque lately perhaps in his chosen field…lol)

Sounds to me like pure jealousy or something on the part of York, no other media outlet from what I have seen today is reporting this.

I listened to Mr Young on the radio , and he made no comments to the effect that he was losing interest in his team, actually he sounded determaned to roll up his sleeves and get to work fixing the problems, it sounds as if york is an argo fan rubbing it in,

I heard Mr. Young on the radio as well and heard him say something to the effect that he wouldn't consider selling the club until it was a winner.
Personally, I hope he doesn't sell, even then.
He is by far the best owner and civic minded individual ever associated with team ownership in this city.

Bob Young also said he had no plans to fire Greg Marshall then fired him days later. :wink:

All this shock and horror ("Playing with fire???") over a York special ?

People are quick to point out what a quack he is then dutifully post a link or commnet on whatever he writes.If anyone's laughing it's York for the free publicitiy and circulation his column gets

Stop wetting your pants and get over yourselves and get over York.

My deep down feeling is that Bob will sell the team sooner rather than later. CFL headquarters is a mess, run by fools who get overly defensive at any notion of change and when there is a change it's only to make the game less entertaining. Entertainment leads to increased ratings which leads to more sponsors which leads to more money, something this league wants no part of. They have an agenda to keep things stale and the same, they have more of an interest in protecting the league than to see it florish as a business, they want the old boys club alive and ticking at any cost.

The league peeked last year and is now starting its slow, depressing slide back down into the muck where they'll always lead it, and will always scare away anyone with any type of plan bring life to this mess. If Bob does in fact sell then the league will be back to the same BOG of spoiled rich sons of millionares and other rich creeps and unscrupulous scoundrals. I can't wait for the next guy who has a chain of nudey joints, car washes and gas pumps to come along and buy a club because he wants to see his son resume his playing career after being a college backup for 4 year.

Always the sceptic, me. But if 1 thing I have learned from Business, is that if ‘it ain’t gonna make yu money, better sell why there r still some takers’.

Bob is no fool. He got rich from Redhat, and got out while the going was good. If any of the past threads are an indication, methinks that the fan base will be somewhat smaller next year, given our current record.
I predict that Bob will bail out as soon as he finds a buyer/suiter, and then concentrate on his pet company LULU, where he once again will look to make a quick buck.
Look here - I don’t dislike Bob, and indeed I applaud him for buying the Team. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going, and I see Bob as one tough hombre, you dig…? The Eagle :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Mmmm...maybe Bob thinks the NFL's coming to T.O. and wants to get out before that happens.

i wouldnt be surprised, that one of the groups that dont get the ottawa expansion bid, end up buying the franchise form bob young.

How about the guys from hamilton/toronto that wanted to buy the penguins and mvoe them to Hamilton.

Imagine the penguins playing at copps coliseum in a renovated arena and the ticats playing at a renovated ivor wynne.

That's all a bunch of crap.

[i]Memo to all those Ticat fans who fear that the losing epidemic will eventually drive the well-intentioned owner out of town: Relax. Bob Young isn't bailing. Disasters are far too intriguing. Steady prosperity? Now, that might a problem.

"The only time the fans should actually be worried is once we've fixed this and we've won four or five Grey Cups in a row and we're hugely profitable and there's nothing left to accomplish with this thing," Young said yesterday during a discussion with The Hamilton Spectator's editorial board.[/i]

-the Spectator, August 31st 2006

I hope he sells the team to an owner who actually may have played some sports some time in his life. Bob Young is the Less Nessman of CFL owners and everytime I see the guy I can hear a violin playing!

My take would be, if Bob ever sells it would because he was tired of the some of the other backward thinking selfish owned teams in the league and not because of a few whining Hamilton fans.
The CFL and Hamilton needs Bob 100% more then he needs them.