Bob person's opinion...(renamed)

Now that Bob Young is finally making money on the Cats(now getting a million dollars a game due to his own incompetence) Lets go back 10 years ago and how he went on about how he was going to make the Cats the first team to access the new future links to technology... Turns out the Cats are dead last in the CFL when it comes to such future technologies, that are of course now present technologies.

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Bob young has lost so much money on the cats , he will never recoup it with a 24k seat , bare bones stadium. He will lose money this year, losing 2 home dates and could be more will take any profits away. Without Bob Young the Ti cats are long ...long gone. Nobody was lining up to buy the Ti Cats. People like to criticize Young and Braley but without them the CFL is dead.

Bob Young is a billionaire who owns a professional football team. What have you ever accomplished Mr. Anonymous Bungle-Boy, other than waking up every morning and hating the world? :thdn:

Do you have a link to what he actually promised?

Also, I have no idea how the number of Google searches for a team relates to how that team uses technology. To me, that just relates to how popular a team is. In theory, it could also be inversely proportional to the team's use of technology. Provide a lot of information through easy-to-use channels, and fans won't have to search elsewhere for that information. (Not that I think that's the reason for the low search activity in this case. But it could be the case for some teams.)

:lol: :lol: :lol: At least BOB has spent his hard earned on saving the CATS and providing local ownership.

Even if you were to be of the opinion, as the O.P. apparently is, that Bob Young is a failure as a football team owner (an opinion I most definitely do not share), it is a dreadful extrapolation from that to saying that he is a "failure in every way imaginable".

Anyone who is a billionaire is self-evidently not a "failure in every way imaginable."

To the contrary, rather.

The minute we are born we are all failures as we are then destined to simply die at some point. So yes Bob is a failure just like the rest of us. :wink:

Mrs Bungle... are you mad because Mr Young made you rake the leaves at his cottage again?

You're right... YOU are the HUGE success here.

Stay strong Mrs Bungle, stay strong:

Why do people keep calling this a 'bare bones stadium' - just because it doesn't have a pretty roof? It is apparently right sized for the market (same size as Ottawa) and other than a roof it will have some of the nicest amenities for fan comfort of any stadium in Canada.

Here is a description of the facilities the stadium will offer. -

  • All kinds of club seats and corporate suites.
  • the largest average individual stadium seats of any outdoor facility in Canada
  • Leg room between rows will be the widest in Canada
  • over 80% of seats between the goal lines
  • Great 'party patios' - the south end Pioneer Endzone Terrace a 10,000 square foot area with one of the largest circular bars in Canada open to all fans
  • one of the biggest video boards in the country, 20% larger than the Tiger Vision screen at Ivor Wynne
  • one of the best stadium concession companies in North America to provide first class food and beverage services(Levy)
  • several hundred HD TV's throughout the facility
  • multiple accessible seating options in a variety of sections throughout the building
    -Tim Hortons Field will have the infrastructure to simultaneously provide a capacity crowd access to a high speed wireless network for use across devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops). This service will provide fans inside Tim Hortons Field with access to exclusive content, promotional offers and high speed access to social networks.

And yet somehow people call that 'bare bones'. What would you all like it to have to eliminate the 'bare bones' label?

It will be in the top 3 in the league when 2015
Not bare bones at all. And easily expanded and added onto to keep up with future demands.

Excellent post Travel. Hey, some people still think evolution hasn't and isn't happening. Believe it or not! :o :wink:

He is a good and decent man. He has asked very little and given so much. I wish I was as much a failure as Bob Young.

While I'm relatively new to this forum, I'm impressed with how Mr. Bungle seems to have a scathing judgement on just about anyone.

Even 1991argo only seems to hate David Braley and Chris Rudge.

I'm waiting for Bungle to tell us all to get off his lawn (from the Clint Eastwood film, fyi).

Bob Young is a hero to this league.

Don't know how anyone can say how he is a failure in every way.

Yes, the stadium situation looks embarrasing from right from the planning stages. But both Bob and city need to fall on that sword together.

At the end of the day, there will be top-notch stadium in Hamilton, an envy from up the QEW. Without Bob, there will be no Cats in my view.

I very much agree with this statement concerning the possibility that a stadium may have been put at the WH site in Hamilton. This probably will eventually be more generally acknowledged as time goes on at least by those with an active interest in saving our precious waterfront areas from concrete developments and things like stadiums:

Bob Young is in the process of saving Hamilton from making a major mistake.

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Why do you guys always take the bait? You know Bungle is just a big troll, just starts controversial threads just to stir up sh*t.

Or use the thread as an excuse to say something positive about Bob Young.

The main reason one would think is the Cats still could have played games at IVS. The amount of money lost playing out of Guelph and now Mac is a huge blow. Hopefully Labour day is a go at the new stadium.