Bob Young on TSN

TSN just announced that Bob Young is doing an interview with TSN during the halftime show during the Ticat Game Friday night.

I hope he puts away, just for a few minutes, his patience and class act, and rips the crap out of Fred Flintstone and his Bedrock community of puppets.

That WOULD be interesting. Then people all over the country will be able to say "Wow, I used to think this guy was reasonable. Now I can see why Hamilton couldn't negotiatie with him."

Nothing like a little sputtering rage to win reasonable people over to your point of view.

While that would make for good TV, it won't happen. One person during this has been a class act. The other has acted like he's making up for the jocks beating the tar out of him when he was in school. Surprisingly, the self-professed computer geek is not the latter.

Ha ha good one. I think there are more than just our councillors trying to make up for the jocks beating the tar out of them.... There are a lot of WH supporters who look like they may have had a rough time in high school... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

You referring to Mitchell, or Fred?
Either way, there's merit for both.

Blogskee Us Geeks are Plucky Bunch ,
Bob will say what always said I can quote it word for Word
The West Harbor dose not work for us
we come back to Table only if they come up with another site .
Other wise well Explore are options for 2012

onknight, I think Bob will be leaving this up to HOSTCO now, no more table talk really at this point. I don't think he'll say that at all.

This what he been saying to Media Latley Earl (of Course I"m Paraphrasing at Bit)

I stand corrected then, I havent' been reading all the articles or watching or listening to all the clips I'll admit.

None required. Hostco is going to put a Scud missile into this. Hopefully they give us some more time when they do.

Hahahaha!! :smiley:

TSN is going to broadcast an interview with Bob Young during half time tonight. Hope for some good news. I'm tired of hearing Fred use politician speak as he tries to convince us that the WH is the best choice and that he hopes the Cats will get onside... What a tool...get involved in the elections this year and vote!!!

The best news Young can give Ticat fans at this point is that the Ticats are now prepared to listen to the economic concessions that the City is willing to give them to play at WH. I hope that is what Young says. It sounds like Troop is going to approve the WH facilities, according to reports on CHML.

Bob is too smart for that. The problem with being bought, and brought to WH is whatever concessions this council gives out is subject to review each time we vote in another bunch of yo-yos. Politicians can and will turn on you. The Ti-Cats need to be in a situation that has a hope of being self sufficient.

I'm not sure what Chris Murray said to make you think that but I just listened to the interview and he repeatedly said it's critical to get the Ticats back to the table, it most definately sounded to me like their up a self made creek.

You know??? It just dawned on me that REALLY, Bob is fighting OUR FIGHT! A fight to keep the Ticats viable for generations! I know I've heard him say it but it just KICKED IN as I read this thread!

Think About that! He isn't doing it to make money is he? I mean really...he could do anything else.

He keeps talking about leaving a legacy! Let's Join him and quit finding fault with him!


Woody, you made my day.

Give the TigerCats full management and operating rights to any stadium at WH plus some other goodies, there could be a deal, maybe. But I just don't see Fred giving that up myself unless he's overruled by someone.

I, like many of you have talked to Bob, Scott Mitchell and Jim Edmands and they have the same passion that most of us have for this team. Bob's not in it for the money...God knows he could do so many other things that wouldn't draw the flak that this situation with this team has.

This council has pitted FAN AGAINST FAN...AND IT'S WRONG!

Bob is fortunate enough to be in the position that he could save the team in 2003 and here we are just 7 years later and he is talking about building a sustainable future...a stable future for OUR TEAM...AND...OUR LEAGUE!

It's time for us all to be UNITED and direct our efforts to help acheive the goal of financial stability of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and indeed OUR LEAGUE! At the same time if it helps to clean up the West Harbour...then fine...LETS DO IT...but not at the expense of having this team needing to be bailed out again! A stadium in West Harbour is not the answer.

Have some Faith...Bob won't sell us out. He is fighting for all of us.