bob young on prime time

Bob Young will be on primetime sports (fan590) tonight probably after 6pm ,also carried on talk 820 after 6pm

Unless the interview is on some sort of tape delay, it should be on the Fan 590 in about 10 minutes, at 5.42 or so.

Looking forward to it!

also on rogers sportsnet now

All they did was argue about Hamilton getting a hockey team. Always good to hear/see Bob anyway. Best Ticat owner ever!

now THAT was a hilarious exchange! McCown just got tag-teamed.

I enjoyed that. :lol:

Oh yeah..what was Bob's position on that?
And did they talk about optimism for the Cats this year?

bob young is in favour of a hamilton nhl team. He really stood up for hamilton and is optimistic with the team and staff, said hes a better owner now than 5 years ago learning on the job. might be replayed friday morning around 445 am on the fan replay also might get replay on roger sportsnet ontario around 12.45am not sure if they replay the 5 o'clock hr or 6 o'clock hr

All I heard was Bob and Mc Gowan's co-host, Jim Kelly[?]
ripping Mc Gowan for a comments he has made in the past

putting down Hamilton as a location for an NHL hockey team

and Mc Gowan sputtering and stammering
trying to explain what he said at that time

but he still maintained that he thinks Hamilton
'doesn't deserve' to have an NHL hockey team.

his co host tonight was bruce arthur

Thanks, 1tccat.


Mc Gowan offered no facts to back up his claim
that Hamilton doesn't deserve a NHL team

The only thing he could muster up to argue that
a Hamilton NHL team doesn't make business sense

was Jim Ballsillie's Hamilton born wife is pushing him
to locate an NHL team here to advance her interest

in stimulating Hamilton's downtown renewal.

If McGown used the words "doesn't deserve" the guy is a total idiot since it's absolutely nothing to do with "deserving". It's about power politics in the NHL and keeping MLSE happy and that. But I doubt McGown, as much as I actually like him, would have the balls to talk about the real issues on this with MLSE right around the corner in hog town.

PrimeTime is repeated tonight at midnight on Sportsnet Ontario, 1am on Sportsnet East, and 4am on Sportsnet West. Although I don't know which hour is repeated.

If you follow this link you can find the on demand interview on the Fan 590's website.

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McCown thinks a second team in Toronto makes more sense.

We know the truth...that Toronto is leaf Nation and a second team there would be a colossal failure.

Plus, a second team in Toronto would require about a a billion dollars to a) get the team b) build an arena and c) need an owner.

Our Bob did a good job of talking up the Hamilton "market".

Cool...maybe there's a podcast or something to check out.
Sounds pretty good though....thanks for fightin' for Hammertown (again) Mr. Young!!!

who in the >>>> is bob mcowen???? :twisted:

A jerk off.

The best part was when McCown was yapping to Bob Young, in some half-baked attempt to explain why Hamilton can't support an NHL team, that all he needs to do is see the traffic jams going into Toronto every day at the morning rush hour........and then leaving again in the evening to return to Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton...........Bob (our Bob) and the other co-host almost choked on that broken logic and pounced on McCown because, in effect, McCown just proved that Hamilton could indeed support an NHL team because all those people commuting to Toronto are back in this area in the evenings when the games would be scheduled at Copps......McCown walked right into that trap and knew it and got all flustered after that.

It was still a great segment and I do like how McCown runs it.....he loves sparring with Bob Young and I sense Mr. Young loves the challenge's never boring between those two and I hope they get into many great, ummmmm, "debates" in the's great entertainment. :twisted:

Bob Young won this round hands down :thup:

(not saying "our" Bob will win them all but he certainly pinned McCown to the mat this was fun to watch!)

Well they did talk a little about the football team. Bob Young admitted to McCown that they are doing quite well off the field, I was a little surprised as I thought the crowds have been down the last two years. But I do recall something mentioned last year how the tickets aren't discounted anymore, so maybe that's the reason for a good balance sheet.

Bob Y then put his rose coloured glasses on :lol: saying they now have geniuses running the team. Obie, Scott Mitchell and Marcel. I know Obie knows what he's doing (Argo trained and all) :wink: but the jury is still out on the other two IMO.