Bob Young on "Live @ 5:30" tonight.... CHCH

When ? guess it...........5:30 pm :wink:

unless he's got some "new" news he's talking to the wrong people

I just sent them a Coment on Friday Show

Dear 5:30 Live

Sam wants the city to buy the Ticats for 1 Mesley Cent .

Talk about Bob losing His Shirt

This Guy is Crazy if thinks Bob Will sell for Penny ..

Sorry Sam this not Happening Communality own Team don't work in the East
We tired that before in Hamilton it Failed...
I do agree with you on the West Harbor
it is a Bad Idea.

Hamilton dose have enough CFL Fans for Team to make Profit
The Ticats must expend the Fans base outside The city Limits
Burlington KW  Guelph 
we must get Fans from These areas for Cats to see another 141 years.
The Ticats  Must Move to Survive .
Aldershot is where they have access to Hwy Go Train and Buses.
Aldershot  should be new home of the Ticats

See my webpage .

Will be Great to hear from Bob Again

why talk to city when it the same old Tune ...
Push the Public to your side and hope they city changes the broken Record.

He is not going to say anything we haven’t already heard. The interviews are getting a little excessive.

It's called "keeping the pressure on" and "striking while the iron is hot".

We as Tiger-Cats fans have followed him from media outlet to media outlet and heard the same thing over and over. He's trying to get his message to as many people as possible and that includes those of the greater Hamilton public who aren't on this forum, watch TSN, listen to CHML or read the Spec.

It is a message that pertains to non-fans because it deals with ideas about their tax dollars and future fund and the idea of how Tiger-Cat involvement could make better use of those dollars than if they were spent without Tiger-Cat involvement.

I wonder if Donna Skelley will be back from vacation?

I usually like her contributions but around this debate, she's been (or seems) pro-WH and has not been sympathetic and has many times been critical of Mr Young and the TiCats.

I'm sure Mr Young will hold his ground and not fall into their trap of being adversarial, insulting and rude.

(Where is Skelley's husband's air salon (business) located ??? Close to WH or the north end???)

If I could pass along any advice to Bob, it would be to play to the minds and hearts of those who seem to be on the other side of the fence. Where Scott Mitchell prefers to battle opposing views, Bob is pretty good at capturing the common energy of all view points and showing how his initiative will satisfy that.

I say ramp that up even further. Play up how this will be a net-benefit to the taxpayers, how the Ticats being a thriving part of Hamilton will allow initiatives like the West Harbour to become a reality. Talk about the economic impact the Tiger-Cats provide to the city.

I know he does a lot of that, but I'd wade right into the chunk of the population that's saying "I don't want my tax dollars going to a rich guy..." I think putting the focus on how this will benefit the community (versus the negative impact of losing the team) would help to get the more casual observer to start complaining to council about this situation.

Oh, and just be careful with the driveway to driveway stuff. That line of thinking, while maybe true, is one of those polarizing statements that will get those who are desperately trying to rebuild this city into a state of mind where they feel they have to choose between the team and the city.

Just my PR thoughts.

Maybe Bob is doing the rounds to get the message out to as many people as he can. It will not change that the process is no longer in his or the mayor’s hands, it is all in the hands of Mr. Troop and Hostco. Bob and Fred had nine months to decide on a site and a work plan and it did not happen.

I think it will be hard for Bob or Fred to get anyone in upper levels of politics involved in this death trap. Fred wants to make this a political issue and Bob missed his window…

Hey if it works, im all for it. I hope Eisenberger cracks.

But as for myself, i won't be watching.

Maybe this will give the general public a chance to chime in on the situation through emails and telephone. I hope it can do some good to bring some councillors to their senses.

I'm not going to watch either as nothing new will be said in all liklihood but yes, keep the message hard and strong without offending. Agree, the "driveway to driveway" phrase in a town like Hamilton probably isn't the wisest now and Fred is using this with his pure tree hugging friends as a tool agains't Bob. As crazy as that sounds since most guys taking their girlfriends on a first date and they just get their license want to pick up the girl at her place and drive to the movie theatre. I imagine Fred does that as well with his spouse but I'm just guessing. :wink:

I don't think 'tree hugging' has anything to do with it. That phrase, to many, can be extrapolated as 'shutting everyone else out of the benefits'. Thus, makes the campaign for public money a bit more difficult. Gotta focus on the same community/ city building stuff the 'opponents' are -- though, that's a strong word to label various shades of grey.

I've never Like Donna

She is pushy and Tried to Trap Bob ...

Glad He got out unscathed

I saw the interview and Bob was very clear...the council has made their decision and the Ti-Cats and CFL are now evaluating their options. Bob said it is hard to get 12 councillors to agree on something, and it would be very difficult to change their minds. He reaffirmed the Ti-Cats will not be playing at WH stadium and there was nothing they could offer which would make that site viable for professional sports. He also said the city has no presented one stadium expert who has confirmed the WH as a suitable site for a stadium...only traffic consultants and accountants.

How was she trying to trap Bob, she said the City had experts also, and Bob made it clear they where not stadium experts nor sports marketing experts! Im glad she asked, as to many people assume the city had these experts as the Mayor says, he has! But his "Mayors" experts are traffic consultents, and accountants! They are not Stadiums experts and thats what is needed! As I stated people dont realize the the experts that where brought in by the city are NOT stadium minded people! So I really hope the general public heard this!

8) Skelley's husband's HAIR salon is located on Locke Street now !!

She can't be objective in that case.

Launce should do the interview in her Place.
Reporters are to give both sides
And not Let there Personal Views be known
She is Clearly WH ...
It like spec Supporting WH

Both these are wrong

She went after saying if sell out you'll break Even trying to make Issiue Simpler then it is
to me that is a Trap