Bob Young on 900 CHML

  • just saw the following on the 900 CHML wesite.

Hopefully, Ted will get the 'phone lines opened up early in the show.
(or I guess we could send our questions now via e-mail)

And hey! .... maybe Bob will have some signing news to talk about.

            ***************** (from the website)

This week's Tiger-Cat show on CHML
The Hamilton Tiger-Cat show, with Ted Michaels.
Sunday, September 9 from 12:05 to 1 pm.

As the second half of the season is now underway, what are the plans for the team for the rest of the season and beyond?

The answers from special guest, Bob Young.

He will take your phone calls and e-mails.

Call 905-645-3221 or, toll-free *900

And, listen for Ted Michaels and Joe Sardo with McMaster Marauders football. This Saturday, the Marauders host Western, on AM 900 CHML.


.... and the lines are already jammed!!!