** Bob Young & Lulu.com take on Canada

Chapter one: Lulu.com to take on Canada from Hamilton’s core

Hamilton entrepreneur and Tiger-Cat owner Bob Young has gone big, as in Angelo King Kong Mosca big, with the Canadian launch of Lulu.com, a digital publishing website.

Mosca, the towering former wrestler and Ticat has just finished writing his story, Tell Me To My Face, which marks the first official book to be published on the Canadian version of the website.

“It very much helps to have (Mosca),? said Young, president and CEO of Lulu.com, at the launch in Toronto. “He’s a great Hamiltonian and a great Canadian.?

The Canadian head office of Lulu.com will be located at the Tiger Cats’ Jarvis Street office in Hamilton. Young said there are about three employees directly involved in Lulu.com. Printing will take place at a Mississauga facility.

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Super to have this located in Hamilton. :thup:

All the best to Bob. :thup:

Can't wait to read Mosca's book.