Bob Young Keeping Faith in Ticats

In this article by Ken Peters in today's Hamilton Spectator, Ticat owner Bob Young declares that, despite the rough lessons he has learned about the football business on and off the field over the past five years, he will continue to own the team until the Ticats "have won several Grey Cups in a row":

Bob has said this in the past but its great news every time I hear it. Say it often Bob. :thup: :smiley: :smiley:

Bob Young was quoted as having said many things in his interview by Ken Peters. One thing, other than those already mentioned that caught my eye was in reference to the fact that he has been practically invisible throughout the past season.

I quote: "The first (reason) is that he was working behind the scenes with his management team, concentrating on trying to fix the Tiger-Cats rather than marketing them."

The second reason: "It wasn't that I didn't like the criticism, I just didn't like the sympathy I was getting. I couldn't take them (Hamilton fans) feeling sorry for me."

I'm not quite sure how to respond to these statements. It seems to me that Marketing the team is just as important as fixing the team. As a business man, I would think that Mr. Young knows he has to have his product firing on all cylinders. There is certainly no doubt that his team needs major surgery, not so much in player personnel but in managerial decisions.

In terms of his second statement which indicated he didn't like the idea of Hamilton fans feeling sorry for him, I can emphatically state that not all of us did. He dug his own hole when, with his very limited knowledge of the game, he hired a whole lot of "wrong" managerial people, since rectified in my opinion.

If anything, I feel a lot better about Mr. Young now than before, since he finally appears to have his management team and players on the same page. We still need linemen, Mr. Young and I can tell you that failing this responsibility, the 2009 season will be about the same as the 2008 season. I would set this requirement at the top of your list to improve this team and perhaps give us a 9 and 9 season.

My personal opinions only.

Oh, and Mr. Young, you don't have to remain invisible since you are starting to do some good things with this team. I know we are all indebted to you for allowing us to have a football team, but I should stop here lest I come across as feeling sympathetic towards you and your hobby.

I see Ken couldn't let the opportunity slide to pass judgment prematurely on Kenton Keith. :roll:

I hope Bob Young is in good health, he needs to live at least another twenty years if he wants
to see the cats win two more Grey Cups before he sells!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy:

Kenny does not do his job as a professional sports writer
when he takes a dig at a highly regarded big ticket player

with no regard to the context of that player's situation.

He sways fans against a big signing with his shallow views

The Tiger Cats deserve more from their local paper.

The Spec should spell this out to Kenny.


Maybe he would be happier if he went
and sat among the crowd in the stands

with the fans he has influenced
over the years with his views.

and lead them in yelling

Get rid of so and so! '

Blow the team up! Fire someone!

You know what i agree also in my personal opinion kenny lives off being negative and with a struggling team its not hard to be right. But further more what the hell is going on in the stands ive been a fan for a long time now and i can't believe that in the 2000's We actually BOO our team 90's werent that great either but i dont ever recall ppl booing the ticats. Lets bring the advantage back into Homefield advantage and start booing the other guys (Those wearing colors other then Black and Gold).

It seems to me that if Ken Peters was slandering Bob Young or mis-quoting him in the article in question, Young could sue the the Hamilton Spectator AND Ken Peters for slander.

When a reporter takes direct quotes from an interviewee like Mr. Young or anyone for that matter, he (she) generally uses a recorder in order to insure that the writing is accurate.

Do those of you who slam Ken Peters at every opportunity think for a minute that he and the Spec are not aware of the consequences of mis-quoting someone?

While Peters makes occasional mistakes in his writings, I think some of you are downright vicious in your negative blathering about him.

I believe in the accuracy of his article and I don't think there was any embellishment to the article on the part of Ken Peters. If there was, we should all be made aware of it in the next few days when Bob Young sues the Hamilton Spectator and/or Ken Peters.

If this doesn't happen, perhaps you should consider ranting against the inability (thus far) of the Tiger-Cat organization to field a team that can play a .500 season and leave the reporter out of your rants unless you have good and just cause.

I'm willing to wager that this doesn't happen.

Ken Peters is a Ti-Cat fan just as we are and I know he wants only the best for his home team.

Oh come on.......I know people on here love to dump all over Ken Peters, but please look at what he actually wrote:

"the team clearly overpaid for unproductive running back Kenton Keith and free agent receiver Tony Miles."

Does anyone here disagree that the Cats overpaid for Tony Miles? Didn't think so........

Does anyone here disagree that KK was unproductive in his stint with the Cats? Didn't think so.............

Facts are facts gang. Keith WAS unproductive, certainly compared to the numbers that Lumsden, Caulley, and even Smith put up in their stints. That doesn't mean he will be unproductive this coming season..........but Ken Peters was clearly just making an observation of reality, and you really can't fault him for that.

Can't disagree but Will say this .. Jesse had Camp to learn the book.
Keith did not .. I gave keith this camp to prove him Self

Not to mention Keith missed a game with the flu...and then went out in another with a gash to the bone in his arm..and that HAS to effect someone's subsequent performance

Peters is just a columnist expressing his opinion. His readers are free to agree or disagree. The Spec isn't the propaganda arm of the Ticats.

Keith will prove his worth (for good or bad) on the field next season. Anyone worried about Peters negatively influencing fan opinion on Keith - sure, that can happen if Keith is underwhelming again next year but, if Keith tears it up next year like his fans think he's capable, who's going to remember a single sentence buried in an off-season, state of the ownership story.

Peters is always the first to scream we need a big signing (Printers) and then the first rip them apart.

I actually down mind him that much but where is he? Zero about the new coaches on his blog. No opinion/speculation regarding possible DC's. I guess the only way the Cats get in the news is if they throw him a bone...

Which, of course, is why we need an Arena CFL league, to keep 'er going during the offseason!

Seeing how CFL teams are losing money how do you possible expect and Arena CFL league is going to have any financing and able to turn a profit???

Twas a joke.

Yup, a joke... well, at least I think it was. :wink:

Bobs loses are small change compared to the potential in southern Ontario market! re-

Agree, potential is huge despite how close we are to the States and NFL teams.