Bob Young issues statement regarding Return-To-Play plans

HAMILTON — On the heels of the announcement from Commissioner Randy Ambrosie regarding League’s 2021 Return-to-Play plans, Bob Young, Caretaker of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, issued the following statement on Wednesday:

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I like it .

It holds out hope using the calendar and time .

Extend the season as far as you can the other way and use the extra time to get the season in .

Play games during the warmer part of the day in the later season and see what transpires .

Grey Cup in December???

:-1: :-1:

Would you prefer just not playing this year?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: im legitimately curious

Do I want to see the CFL return this season? Yes.

Do I want the Grey Cup Championship game played after the Sunday before the US Thanksgiving holiday? No.

It doesn't matter. If the NFL can play in December, so can the CFL. Everybody celebrates that Cheeseheads and Bills Mafia fanbase are super fans when they come out for cold games, not a word about CFL fans that do the same thing.


Last December 12th, it was 10.4 degrees in Hamilton, you never know


As a long time Ti-cat fan I am happy to hear this news. I remember Grey Cup games being played in December when I was a kid (some 70 years ago or more) it was fun then as it will be now - the key point here is to get back to playing. I am concerned about the future of the CFL due to COVID.

PS - As a side note - we don't need the XFL - don't go there!