Bob Young is getting a wpg revenge

I don't want to rag on Bob Young. I like him as owner but when he came to Winnipeg. I wasn't at the game last year but was listening to parts of the pre game on the radio and i remember even talk at halftime that when he was on CJOB 680 in Wpg Bob Young went on and on and on about how they were going to do it the right way. It was disturbing as he was calling out the BB making us feel bad and telling Bob Irving which i'm sure upset Bob during a joyous occasion as celebrating a new venue. He said he learned a lot of the mistakes in Wpg and how there stadium will be nicer in so many ways.

Now he is on the verge of a disastrous record season and a stadium fiasco.

He should be smarter than the rest knowing it takes more than 1 year to build a stadium.

and if Bob Young or his fans are upset at me. Don't. I'm a big Bob Young fan. Think he might be the best owner in the CFL. But come on man..... It takes more than 1 year to build a stadium.

There better be tons of bells and whistles in Tim Horton's Field cause Winnipeg's stadium looks nicer.

So come on man!

Hmm, that is not my recollection of the conversation with CJOB and Bob Irving at all. My recollection was that Bob kept asking about our stadium and my response was one of pure jealousy insisting that if our stadium was half as good as the Investors Field we’d have done very well. Or at least that is what I meant to convey.
Of course I would have also fanned the flames of the Ticats vs Bombers rivalry just for fun. And given the outcome of that game I can see how you might think I was being a little arrogant in hindsight.
And don’t get too comfortable at 2-0, or too dismissive of any team that is 0-2. It is a long season.

This why you are an awesome owner....

you did not come as arrogant. Just you were proud of your stadiums potential and that it would be better than IGF.... maybe it will who knows. One thing you have done well is market and make it known what the stadium will look like and what amenities it will include which bb fans never had the privilege

one thing you did say funny one time when you were talking about being updated of the construction process and you praised this gov't division that looked over making sure deadlines are met. You should never have listened to anyone from the Ontario gov't or any provincial gov't for that matter.

And i'm feeling damn good about being 2-0 - see you at THF later in the summer.

Good to see the Bomber team back on track. Like THF, your stadium should be packed from now on.

Ticats vs Bombers in the Cup?

A 30th Anniversary Grey Cup reunion :smiley: The last time these two met in the big game was in 1984,let’s do it again,it’s been too long for two teams that it seemed met annually in the Cup in the 50’s and 60’s :smiley:

Al Bruno and Cal Murphy-Grey Cup “84”

Another thing that makes him an awesome owner is that he came on here and politely rebutted your comments. I imagine if you went on a Dallas Cowboys forum and called out Jerry Jones, not only would you not get a good-humoured response (or a personal response at all), but the search for your body would take years. :wink:

Bob Young aka “Caretaker” is also the only owner in the league that I’m aware of that actively participates in these forums and actually responds and takes an honest interest in his team and his team’s fans on a regular basis.Simply put IMO the Caretaker is by far the BEST owner in the CFL by a landslide bar none. I’m totally confident that the team will one day reward Bob and the great fans of the Cats with a well deserved Grey Cup victory,because no one deserves it more than the Caretaker. :thup: :cowboy:

1 year? Pardon?

I remember that conversation on radio and I agree with Bob Young and also heard on the TV Broadcast at that game, he thought the Investors Field was a great venue for the Bombers and even commented on how nice the visitors dressing rooms were and how large and spacious and said that he would like to see many of the same qualities of the Winnipeg Stadium in Tim Hortons Field, very impressed was the contingent from Hamilton.

I am too, I think the Investors Group Field in Winnipeg is a first class facility and nicely done, maybe a little over priced on the roof, I wouldn't spend 30 million on a roof, it's nice and adds appeal but I think the money could have been spent elsewhere or not at all and would have added to the savings, but very nice stadium.


Don’t worry Crash. November (or even late October) 2012 to July 2014 is only one year in Manitoba. Without trying to pick a fight with any bummer fan (it is a fabulous facility after all) weren’t they over a year late in opening? What is that saying about the pot and the kettle anyway?

I also remember swaggerville and how quickly it turned into staggerville the last time the bummers had a great start to the season. Again I am not trying to pick a fight, however, like an elephant, Mike has a great memory.