Bob Young has conned us.......

I feel like I purchased a used computer from Bob and I am now stuck with something that was overpriced and no longer works. Mr. X has sold flim flam to this city and it is reflected directly on the playing field. I consider this most recent loss to be the franchise's all time low.

Where have you gone Frantz Clarkson ? Ti-cat nation turns its lonely eyes to you........

dont blame bob...blame the coaches and players.

bob didnt construct this roster, the GM did....and everyone thought he did an outstanding job before the season exposed the players as clueless, heartless bums.

So Bob has made mistakes and has therefore "sold flim flam to this city"?

Without Bob we wouldn't have a team. Without Bob and his deep pockets, we wouldn't have been able to hire all of the high priced (albeit underperforming) players. If anyone has been "flim flammed" it certainly isn't the city. If anyone, it's been Bob. Not being a football expert he hired who he thought were the best experts he could find to run things for him. Unfortunately they let him down, as well as us. Anyone who feels otherwise is just fooling themselves imho.

I agree Bob is fine..
He did not do anything wrong..
Marketing was Good too
Football Operations gave us a bad Team

Blow it up start over

Bob is not necessarily the problem.

However, ultimately, the buck stops with Bob.

The ball is in his court, so to speak. He can either do nothing about football operations and hope for the best, or, he can make a move.

But I agree that we are lucky to have an owner like Bob Young and I hope he finds a way to turn this around. Soon.

The problam is having a GM who thought he could buy a team and knows nothing about football!Pretty simple eh!

In the short trem, Bob Young is not the problem. He foots the bills---what more can you can expect from the owner? He pays people to run the football team and perform on the field. If the team is bad, it's their fault. In the long term though, if the team continues to be as bad as this one has been this season, and he doesn't make changes to the headoffice in the offseason, then the buck stops with him.

But by footing the bills and keeping the team afloat, he's "given the team a chance to win" as the old cliche goes.

An Argo fan

Be better off if Bob didnt save the team.. At least there would be good memories. This franchise has won 3 "Three" Grey Cups in 35 yrs!.

What a stupid comment!!!!

You probably are a Leafs fan too

There was no con here. Young was up front and told us he did not know squat. He did know how important the tradition is here in Hamilton. He hired a good marketing manager and hired whom he thought were good footbal people. They have let him down is an understatement. Yes, it is in Bob's court but where can he find good football people at this time in the season. Well first off he finds a good GM, fire the OC and let the QB call the game with help from Lancaster. If Lancaster doesn't want to do it fire him also. Should never have let Marshall go at least he interacted with the players. Assign an interim HC if Lancaster doesn't co operate to somone and get the new GM to find a coach. This season is a loss but it still has enough time in it to let the players gain their confidence back and Maas to gain his respectability. Sorry I don't buy that these guys are as bad as they have been showing! It is now a leadership and self confidence issue. That has to be addressed NOW! If we can have a good ending to this seaon it will lead into a much better one next year.