Bob Young disgusts me

[rant]I have no problem with him being one of the owners forcing Tom Wright out, but don't go on national television and pretend you think he's a great guy and are sad he's leaving[/rant]

you got prove that he is one of the owners forcing him out?

because, if not, then people who make such statements about others without proof disgust me

All the news media are reporting that Bob Young was one of three owners who wanted Wright gone.
Another sad day for the CFL.
Wright was the best thing to happen to this league in decades.

thats wrong BOB YOUING WAS FINE WITH was montreal and davis braley that wanted him out

But the question is, if there was a third party that wanted him out, who was it? Braley and Wettenthal(sp?) are the locks, but the third person is a mystery. I'd speculate that it was "Baby Huey" Campbell, but I doubt he's on the BOG.

again mongo...your stupid.

no hugh supported david wright...i heard it was the couple that owns the argos lol

And I find the "Unholy Trinity" that like to think of themselves as "expert" Esks fans to be a bigger damnation to these forums than KK is. But that's beside the point.

And for the record, you plebeian, its TOM Wright, not David. So, who's the one that's stupid?

The Argos and Keith Pelley have been Wright's staunchest supporters,

And it's David Braley, not DAVIS.

I can safely guarantee that you know squat about what Bob Young thinks on the issue.

Who is David Wright is this Tom's brother!

BOB was one who wanted TOM out.

The ARGOS supported him.

His team now will be 0 and 4 :cowboy:

David Wright plays for the Mets.

I'm glad Wright is gone. Now I can apply for the job. My resume states that I will do or say whatever Wettenhal and Braley want. And I work cheap too. Probably can get me for $100k per year and free rent. What a great job that would be - best seats in the house for any game!!

when it comes to doing what the owners want, no one is better than Bettman.

apparently, they have already chosen the successor and it is someone who has been very visible on TV recently.....but that is all they have said....

...have you been drinking.....or have you been sippin on some of that Alta. crude//...Yoing wanted him out as much as the other two who didn't like the cap....wake-up :o

Look, enough of this crap. The league is going through a transformation like we have never seen, do you realize, do you have any idea of what a Bob Young brings to this league? We are not just talking a billionaire here people, we are talking about someone who understands "information" and the "information age", computers, networks, links, communications, telecommunications, etc. a whole different ballgame, almost someone like a Bill Gates, not that big of course but someone who understands that football entertainment is information and information transformed into a product that can sell.
What do they call it, a whole paradigm shift. And this is what the CFL needs. Christ, every game now is on a webcast, what other league even has this? Huge stuff here.

I just hope the next commish is at least as good as Tom was, because he was the best in a long time. I think the league is moving in a positive direction (other than the ottawa thing, but that was a glieb problem) and I don't want to see it get thrown onto a negative track by someone who thinks they need to "make their mark" or something.

Make their mark, no problem with me, every game is on TV now, webcasts of every game. Hey, whoever got this going, please, keep making your mark.

...if all goes well for the three amigos....the crap that's going to go down is the removal or the alteration of the salary cap.....therefore leaving franchises like Winnipeg and Saskatchewan a little disenchanted...nothing against Bob Young and his entrepuneral spirit....but come on ...what works out for the 'big' money three....dosen't wotk all that well for say Young ...Braley....and Wettenhal are looking after their own interest first is pretty easy to about putting the health of the league first...just my opinion..!

Well, it's obvious from public comments this week from governors who support Wright that they'll be looking to change how Commish and BOG can get things done. Most notably, stopping a minority of owners from running the show.

That's where Ssk and Wpg will inject common sense and even lead the charge --- along with Sokolowski/Cynammon, Hellard and the Esks.