Bob Young as commissioner?

Ok, didn't Mr. Braley have his turn for a while all the time being owner of the Lions? Perhaps it's Bob Young's turn for a stint? Any wonder why the web site has developed as it has along with the Ticats site here? A link perhaps?

Not while he owns , The CATS.

I think he's got his plate full with the Cats and Lulu.

Besides, owners/governors make for lousy commishes. And frankly, I don't think Caretaker could stomach the intrigue, backroom maneouvering etc that comes with and is the curse of being CFL commish.

But hey, far be it for me to speak for him.

can you say conflict of interest? there is no way an owner should be commish, although in a league where the bog have all the power anyways i guess difference does it make. this league needs to start looking out for the long term good of the league. wright was the best thing that happened to the cfl in the last 20 years but of course the bog thought he was a nuissance always trying to look out for the good of the league...

People made fun of Lemieux being a player / owner in the NHL. What would they say about the CFL if they had a team owner / commissioner.

Too much conflict of interest.

Plus I like Bob Young too much to want him to be commisioner. It doesn't matter who gets put into that job the BC owner, and someone else will hate the guy after a year.

Tomorrow .... potentially Terrible Tuesday .... the BOG will elect a new Chairman ...

I hope for Calgary rep ... Doug Mitchell ... who has experienced the Commish role .... and has some strong views on "leaks"