Bob Young apology

I'd just like to give my humblest apologies to The Caretaker. Today at the Black and Gold day, during the autograph session, I mistakinly called Mr. Young, Mr. Braley by accident, and I felt totally embarassed. So to the best owner in the league, from one Ancaster boy to another...sorry Bob. :cowboy:
Anyways, the team looks really promising this year and this is "the year of the cat"...and I know you've stood tall and took a lot of shots (not deservingly either) over the last few years but you've hung in there. Let's hope this is our year. :cowboy:

It's nice of you to apologize, buckwheat, but don't worry
I think that Bob would take a slip up like that in his stride.

Dave Braley was there at the scrimmage
watching it from the sideline with Bob

Their strikingly similar appearance
must be what got you confused . :smiley:

Both have own the Ticats
so it is really not a Big deal

Yeah, I know that I had seen David Braley down on the field earlier talking with the Caretaker so I guess I just had a brain cramp. The Caretaker joked about it but I was really embarassed as his daughter was standing there with him. :oops: :cowboy: :oops:

I'm sure he has been called worse things, Mr.Brailey is a nice guy I wouldn't take offence to it.

The title of the thread implies that Bob Young himself has made an apology. It should say apology to Bob Young.

True dat, I thought when I read the title "What the hell did Bob Young do that he has to apologize for? He's done nothing but good thing's for Hamilton. I better read this." Then I find out he's apologizing for calling him the wrong name on black and gold day :roll:

Sorry guys....Apology to Bob Young from Buckwheat.... :cowboy:

What would have been really funny is if you had called him Bill Gates :lol: