Bob Young and The Tragically Hip

Golds are $100. Max 4 per STH.

Thanks for this Bob. My favorite band in my favorite place. Will the Arkells be opening for them?

The Arkells are in Europe at that time.. so its safe to assume they will not be opening... anyone have an idea of the start time?

Apparently Nickleback was busy too. :roll: :roll:

where does season ticket holders purchase tickets from? ticketmaster or through the ticats?

You should have received an email from the team that includes a link.

Just got sweet seats right at center stage in Box D. Woot woot!!!

Got mine, cant wait, what a way to celebrate Ivor Wynne also! So looking forword to this! Tragically Hip PLUS the TI-CATS winning the 2012 Grey Cup. Docent get ANY better!

i'm confused ... if the reasoning behind there not being any concerts at IWS since the 70's is because of infrastructure reasons then how is this allowed to happen ?

Even tho i am not a HIP fan i can listen to a few songs but couldn't sit through a concert i am happy that they are doing this for the fans (i mean quick little money grab) but still the same infrastructure the same stands the same ..well everything

so if regulations wouldn't let concerts happen in the past ..what has all of a sudden changed or were we lied to about it.

City By-laws were passed that would not allow concerts in that residential area, due to the problems in 1975 and 1979. To allow this concert I am sure that these by-laws had to be adjusted at least temporally. There was no solid reason back in 1980 that would have prevented IWS from hosting a concert. Maybe some codes have changed now, but I’d have to guess there still aren’t any laws that prevent IWS from hosting a concert simply based on the fact that the Hip concert will take place.

So lied to? I’d say so. We will never hear it from City Hall though.

Glad Bob Young is involved and hopefully making a few bucks for the TiCats too.

Anyone that doesn't happen to have season can get in on the pres-ale directly from the Hips own website, they go out to the public tomorrow but there's still time if someone wanted to save a few bucks.

[i]Starting Wednesday, Sept 5th @ 10am, Registered Users will be able to purchase tickets before the public on-sale on Friday, September 7th.

During the pre-sale we will be offering our Registered Users tickets for $30 less than the regular ticket price (excluding floors). All floor tickets include a buffet style dinner, and beverages.

With your concert ticket purchase you will also have access to purchase tickets to one of the remaining Ticats games at a discounted price.

Wednesday, September 5th @ 10am

Public On-Sale:
Friday September 7th @ 10am[/i]

Wait, you mean they used a temporal anomaly to go back in time and change the by-law? Awesome! :cowboy:

Exactly :wink:

[url=] ... rally.html[/url]

There were/are a few issues. Note the seating arrangement. What's that 13,000 seats? 30,000 seat stadium that would likely hold 45,000 I am guessing if all floor seat space was utilized and the stage was in endzone. North stands and endzone are not being used. North stands were the issue I believe in the IO report that said we had to build a whole new stadium. End zones are likely not being utilized because of the stage location.

Two concerts were approved by Councillor Morelli in in the 2000's. One was to be Tim McGraw and Faith Hill put on by an organizer out west who had longed to host a concert at Ivor Wynne. Council rejected it because it would have cost 400,000 in the early 2000's to fix egress from the field issues and sprinklers and some other things.

Approval from a by-law/neighborhood issue was on a case-by-case basis it seems. It was the venue that needed work to host a full-blown show. I imagine a half-empty stadium is not ideal for the big guns (not that the Hip aren't), and not worth the risk of it raining.

I have never been a fan of Skydome for concerts until I attended Bruce Springsteen the other week. I was pleasantly surprised when we drove by before the concert and the dome was open. Best concert I have ever been too. The way music was meant to be enjoyed. Outdoors on a beautiful hot clear-sky'd summer evening. And 45 minute encore with the lights on and staff waiting to clean up for a grand total 3 hour and 45 minute-ish show. Awesome.

I have only seen the Hip outdoors and a few times including an intimate meet and great and private seats with their family and friends. Fun band and one I have grown up with. Hope to wrangle some tics myself. Thankful the Cats org was able to pull this off and thanks I am sure go to council and neighbors for allowing this send-off to happen.

Never seen The Hip live but I do love them. Now compare this price point to groups like Great Lake Swimmers at Supercrawl and other groups, all for free, well, sorry will pass on The Hip at IWS. That's for me though. I'll keep my seasons for the Cats, that's the important thing here, I think. :?
Ok, I'll bite, the Cats should be doing this for a price point of no more than $15 a ticket. Just what I think, sorry if that offends anyone.
My money is limited, I'm a season ticket holder for the Cats and will be attending at full cost to me the 100th Grey Cup. I can pass on The Hip at IWS with my limited funds.

I've seen the Hip three times already. Twice at Copps on New Years Eve and New Years Day years ago and at Another Roadside Attraction.

Awesome live. Absolutely brilliant. Gord Downie loves to ad lib new lyrics and interact with the fans. Always a good time when the Hip comes to town.

I find the price point a little high too. I paid $216 for 2 seats in Box D (nice ones, center stage) but too be honest I was only 3 years old when Pink Floyd blew up the scoreboard in 75' and I'm sorry I missed that. I blame my parents. I'd have to be dead or in jail to miss the last concert at Ivor Wynne Stadium. The Tragically Hip.

And if I am in jail I plan to break out.

Tbe city should have subsidized tbis as I'm sure tbe do at Fest Friends, Sjpercrawl and maybe tomorrow's Locke St Festival.

Any pre-concert tailgates planned for the Hip show? Seems only fitting for the first in 33 and last ever?

just two questions..I heard sam roberts opening...does anyone know what time the hip will go on?
also is the show sold out?

Yes Sam Roberts is opening. Should be a great opening show!

Gates open at 6 and SR on at 7. I'd guess around 7:45ish for the Hip?

Also, anyone who didn't get an email from the Cats, no tailgating. Police will be enforcing this.

Lastly, I have an extra tic if anyone wants to join me. My friends who wanted to attend already have tics so throw me $40 (I paid $58), and its yours. Sec 23. Don't have tics handy right now with seat details.

Looking forward to this long awaited IWS experience.