Bob Young and the Deafening Silence

What now Caretaker?

What happened to your 5 year plan?

I proudly and openly invest thousands of dollars of my own hard earned money into the Ticats every year and where has this investment taken me and many fans like myself since you took over in 2003? We just lost the last Labour Day game at Ivor Wynne stadium and are now in a 4 game losing streak? A part of me just died today.......

What have you got for me?????

I'm sorry, but I'm at witts end, and I'm sure I'm not alone!

Maybe I'm in the minority (but that's okay.....been there before) 8)

But......I have to disagree with anyone who believes any of this is the owner's fault.....he's done his job and kept his promises to the point of a fault. He has provided fans great entertainment, (I mean, who in that crowd of 32, 000 today wasn't having any fun?)

Like it or not, football, or any other sports are , in the end, entertainment for us as a diversion to daily life.

As far as wins and losses and Grey Cup wins, I don't ever recall him GUARANTEEING anything........nobody can and sometimes things just don't work out. But, when we do finally grab the prize, we will forget about the bad times quickly eg: Boston Bruins, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs as great examples.

.....this is why we play the games.....we just never know for sure what will happen eg.....BC Lions last year

Anyways, it was still an exciting game and one little extra break here or there and we'd be nominating Williams and Stala for Prime Minister

What is he supposed to do ? Play QB ? Coach the team ?

Obilovich is this year's Ken Miller...RETIRE!

Bob Young has done all he could possibly do. With his limited knowledge of the game, his hires for
GM, HC, etc. were generally accepted by all of us. He has tried his best to do the right thing in terms
of putting a competitive team on the field and he has taken a lot of flack for what I thought was a solid
effort to help us get a new stadium. I appreciate this man and hope he isn't dissuaded by the first post
on this thread.

Hang in there, Caretaker; our day will come. :thup:

Yeah exactly. Bobs willing to dish out the bucks to bring in star players but ultimately it’s up to the GM and scouting to find the talent and assemble a coaching staff that will lead us to glory. Nobody should hang this on the Caretaker.

if we do not make the show this season, Mitchell and Obie need to go. We have the best owner in the league!!!

Agree, one heck of an owner that will continue to have me as a season ticket holder. Doesn't have a clue how to win a GC but that's ok because he's dedicated and trying his best for the onfield product that just will never get a GC ring for him as an owner. But that's only one part, I love the guy because of his dedication to Hamilton and the Cats. It's not always about getting a championship for some, sort of in the cards as they say.

At this point Bob in your ownership, just keep firing and hiring, whatever. Who knows, something might click out of pure magic and then I'll look real dumb, not likely though. :wink:

Yes, caretaker saved the franchise.

Yes, caretaker invests lots in the team and IWS and scoreboard.

Yes, caretaker has provided entertaining game day experiences.

Yes, caretaker has crappy to mediocre football teams. Nothing but losers so far.

Bob is the exact opposite of a loser despite his not having a clue what it takes to win a championship from an owners perspective. He is dedicated all the way an loves Hamilton and is committed, one of the greatest owners in pro sports that likely will never have a winning championship team. Hope I'm proved wrong on this one though. :wink: I will continue to have seasons with this guy because I love his dedication.

You guys are completely right,

Bob Young saved my team, He is one of Hamilton's Greatest.

Im just a pissy little investor right now in Bob's franchise and I couldn't wait 24 hrs to cool off, plus I like to express my seemingly and vastly insignificant opinion on this message board :smiley:

Be careful what you wish for. If Young dumps the team, who takes over? This guy came in here and saved this franchise. We lose Young and we could be stuck with Grant and McDonald types again or even worse, no team at all.

Oh those guys -- :roll: -- the ones with the not-so-deep pockets who had their team in the Grey Cup in year 4 and won it in year 5.

I'm only throwing this at you, moscamania, because you left a big opening for such a comeback. I, too, very much appreciate what Bob Young has done for all of us who are devoted to the Tiger-Cats and fear what will follow should he ever decide he's had (spent) enough.

Obie sits and reads the wires. If a guy is cut or if he played out west somewhere he signs him. Time to get some players with heart in here.

I think Bob would rather talk football than get raked over the coals, don't you?

They're also the ones that couldn't pay their bills and had the team in bankruptcy. If not for Bob Young, there is no Tiger-Cat team to cheer for anymore. So, yeah, they won a Grey Cup, but they almost killed the team. So I'll ask you, would you trade the franchise for a Grey Cup win this year? Would you be happy to see the Cats win it all and then not exist four years later?

This Caretaker love-in is laughable. Remember, this is the same DB that strongarmed our own elected council into dumping the West Harbour stadium plan. He and his cronies hung Mayor Eisenberger out to dry by getting council to jump ship on the stadium. He wouldn't play a down of football at West Harbour if it was built he so famously stated. At least Eisenberger stuck to his guns (ultimately losing the election), which is more than I can say for good ole Bob Young the saintly caretaker.

Bob Young, if you are reading, just keep doing what you are doing and ignore this thread. Thank you for bringing the Hip to Hamilton.

Fred wasn't smart enough to know how to engage Bob Young because he thought, and probably still thinks, his you know what doesn't stink. In Fred's mind, Bob Young and any TigerCat fan was beneath him. People saw what Fred was about, enough, and kicked him out of office. And that is that.

I hear Fred is going to run for Mayor again......probably to try to take credit for the New Stadium.....

Anyways, the West Harbour would have made me run away too:

  1. Have fun trying to build a 25,000 seat structure on backfill......creak, groan, snap......boom !

  2. Did you see some of the shady names and companies that were popping up that would have been part of that deal ?

Frankly who gives a damn anymore! Bob got to his lofty status by making the right decisions HIMSELF, not letting some buffon like Mitchell do it for him. You do not need a degree to understand that Mitchell has made some very bad decisions about this team. Hiring Obilovich was the biggest one. I said it when he hired him and he has proven me right. Yes Bob does have to take some of the blame for this fiasco. I appreciate what he did for the team and thank him, but we need an owner who lives in Canada and is here to make the proper decisions. Not an expat who lives in the Carolinas in the US.