Bob Young and Scott Mitchell

I am disappointed that Bob Young is hiding and not having a press conference. It's not to late Bob !! He needs to talk to the fans i n hopes of keeping then. I think that Scott Mitchell should be relieved of us duties for the words he said yesterday and for approving this whole mess.

It's one things to have the ticats witness a poor organization from top to bottom but for them to do what they did yesterday pushes away more fans that would have showed up even if they went 0 and 18.

It should be interesting to see how much of the season ticket base we are losing and to see how many empty seats there are after labor day.

A frustrated and disgusted fan

I imagine people who feel strongly are more likely to express their displeasure by staying home. Other predictions?

Ticats come together and win, and people forget about all this silliness.

No, not from my seat.

Win what ? What silliness ? Forget what ? Who's coming together ? ::slight_smile:

With apologies that I don't know how to link something here, from the main page, I recommend that everyone take time to view the video, offered there, titled "Aug. 29th: Scott Mitchell."
While I, with no inside knowledge whatsoever, have long felt that Scott is part of, and might well be the key part of, the failure of the Ticats' "5-year plan" and the terrible downfall of the team over the past couple of years, I think he handled himself tremendously well, dealing with tough questions from the media, in this video of his media scrum.

What's on second, I don't know's on third.

The reality is most of the crowd doesn't know who Scott Mitchell is.

I can't block is on first , Can't catch is catching , We don't run is at shortstop , Can't tackle is in left field and Pass , pass , pass is pitching .