Bob Young and Jim Bisaille partner on new stadium

In a record breaking deal that shocks many of us, Bob Young and Jim Bisaille who wants a NHL team in Hamilton are dishing out millions to build a new 45,000 seat stadium in Hamilton. City Council wants the stadium built on the former Rheem site but Bisaille and Young decided to pay off city council and convince them to build at Confederation Park. Jim Bisaille states "its the right move for us. There is highway access and we will make sure there is bus service to the stadium also. Im also hoping once this stadium is built for the pan am games and the tiger cats are there for a few years, the NHL will take us more seriously and we will have a good place to play if an NHL team does come to Hamilton" " We will work with Hamilton Tiger Cats to come up with a proper NHL and CFL schedule that benefits both of us"

According to reports, Jim Bisaille is dishing out 125 million dollars towards the stadium costs and the rest will come from Bob Young and the provincial and federal governements along with 40-50 other local and nationwide businesses.

That just sounds so amazing doesnt it?? unfortunately its a April Fools joke. But i can dream cant I??