Bob Young: Aldershot Pan Am Stadium Option

Screw that sponsor! He can build his own stadium on his own dollar.

This stadium is not being built for them. It is for the city of Hamilton.

What is best for the city of Hamilton should drive this first and foremost.

But, how in blazes will it clean up the actual downtown?......I was at King and Catherine area just over an hour ago and was shocked at the activities I saw right in front of my drug dealing is rampant right on the sidewalks in plain view while legitimate shoppers or office workers can be seen visibly squeamish as they try to pass by........I was absolutely shocked and disgusted

And the new stadium way down at the harbourfront is supposed to clean that disaster up how exactly?.....I truly love Hamilton but was absolutely ashamed this feels like a drug infested slum walking downtown.....and I'm not exaggerating one bit....

And I don't agree that it is Kirk. The cleanup is coming with or without the stadium.

I would think as well the cleanup is going to happen whether there is a stadium there or not, the Rheem building as well is just an eyesore on an otherwise nice looking area, and the brownfields as well there.

This mornings paper cites 2 projects about to commence that will help, 1 is the Hamilton project at the strip club/crackhouse seizure site and the other is the purchase of Butintzkes(sp) by a reputable businessman. This type of investment will do far more than a stadium could ever hope to

Thought Hamilton was going to start doing things right for a change, lets listen to the guys with the money and build a stadium we can be proud of. The Harbour is not the place, improving the core with a stadium is plain dumb. If anything as in all other examples a down town stadium is the crowning jewel of a completed project. Like a nice center piece on a dinner table.

I believe Bob Youngs comments say just that, in a nice way of course, that the Harbour front wont work!!!

Sorry, but that is not specific to downtown. Happens all over the place. I've seen it by the stadium and by Eastgate as well. Look at the Upper James area if you want another example. 3 broad daylight robberies of people walking along Upper James. Sadly, it happens all over the city and pretty much any other city you could name.

I honestly don't care where it is built as long as I can get there and it doesn't add a whole lot of travel time to my trip as it stands now. I think it will be built on the Rheem site also because it is also about changing the "image" of our city so they want it away from the factories etc. The views from the stadium (if built on the Rheem site) would be amazing and that is part of the consideration given, I'm sure. How many times have you seen TSN show beautiful shots of the Vancouver harbour area?? Most of the time the only shots of Hamilton we see are the smoke stacks. I'm sure that is part of what "we" are trying to change with a waterfront location.

I'm not so sure.

What I am sure about is that the Pan Am games brings n provinival and Federal money that might not otherwise come to our city.

Why I prefer the west harbourfront over confedeation park is that it helps with the improvement of our city. A confedreation park stadium doesn't do that. It still neglects what needs to be done (remediating brownfields) and eleminates valuable greenspce. Take brown space, NOT green space.

Furthermore the west harbourfront locale is great for atmosphere with lots of restaurants and bars within walking distance from Hess village, to downtown, to James N, and to the propsed new waterfront developmets.

BTW the view from west harbourfront is way more spectacular with the view of Cootes paradise and a western sunset, and also has a view of the downtown skyline with the escarpment as a back drop.

Don't want a confederation park view of the Torornto skyline from our stadioum bet TSN would show that all the time. And on the other side don't want a view of highways, QEW and RHVP. Also don't want a parking lot taking away form our parks. Paving a park is not a good thing.

All the more reason to continue that momentum and support such private initiatives.

This mornings paper cites 2 projects about to commence that will help, 1 is the Hamilton project at the strip club/crackhouse seizure site and the other is the purchase of Butintzkes(sp) by a reputable businessman. This type of investment will do far more than a stadium could ever hope to
Art studios in one building?.........c'mon, everything on the North side of King St from Victoria to James should be evacuated and a nuke dropped on it.......the whole strip on the North side should be condemned and removed and get proper business activity going......not these ad hoc so-called (shady) businesses they have now

seriously, drop it all and start again

Again, mikey, why do you care?

You're only a "casual fan" of a team and league you described as "high school" ?

Why all this fake concern and outrage?

Why should you be taken seriously?

Actually there already are some very reputable businesses located in the strip you are talking about. The strip from Wellington to Ferguson has been revamped quite a bit already and has the Black Forrest INN. Mary to Catherine has the dental school, but does need some work. It's more the John - James area that needs the most work.

Tell that to Burlington people ! ALL ONE lol

Agreed. The stadium doesn't do that tho

I agree that there are some good people working hard within that area.....but as always, they aren't's the morons using the streets for their shady business that visitors and local patrons see....and yah, the John area is horrendous....

my point being though is how would an open air sports field more than 2 miles north hidden into the extreme north end help the plight of the King St area.....and actually, Main St around Century 21 is also decaying rapidly....

.....everything coming from the West on Main up to John is rather nice.....including the old court house (now a McMaster campus)

I'm not actually downtown much and what I experienced and saw on the North side of King between John and Catharine today set me back on my really bothered me and I'm not a wussy and have seen plenty in my life.......but it truly was a shock.

Answer pls.

So I put your post up to see if you had changed. Nope. Still on your crusades that are totally unimportant. Everyone's opinion is welcome whether you like it or not. Back to ignore

It's actually already prompting more talk about revitalization. The "shuttles" will have to depart from somewhere. I actually think the location could be good for the area and for the downtown area. The stadium is actually within waking distance to the downtown area if it is built at the harbourfront location. I'm hoping it will kick start some of the projects that have been "back burnered"

No clue.

Have you no idea what the art community is already doing downtown? Doens't seem like you do.

Calling them shady is way uncool and uncalled for.

There are numerous art related businesses that have cleaned up sections of James N. One project on the go right now is the NW corner of James and Colbourne ( I beleive) across form the Acclamation restaurant, a great restaurant whose owners have bough the vacant land adjacent to them to the south and plan to build a condo with catering facilities.

Shady indeed!

Jusy ignore the core and let it rot. Good plan. Fortunately there are those that care and are doing something about it.

Bob, Do the right thing and build a stadium in the city of Hamilton, where it belongs!!!!

Ill tell you one thing, move this stadium outside of Hamilton and it will be a disaster. Attendance will fall drastically, and the diehard fans ( all 20 000 of them) will feel betrayed. Taking their beloved Ticats ( which have been in this city for 140 years) and moving them to a different city.

This team only belongs in one place. Hamilton.

For the fans, and the people of Hamilton. You better believe there are great fans in this city. A soldout game this sunday with rabid fans will reinforce that.