Bob Young: Aldershot Pan Am Stadium Option

Bob has a preference, I'm sure and as Mel says, why spend so much on land remediation and end up with a lesser stadium than if it was in another location. That just makes pure sense to me. It's not like Aldershot is way out in the boonies like Orchard Park is from Buffalo.

He is quoted on CHML the he HAS "NO PREFERENCE" he stands corrected Bob could you please set these fans straight,please!

The Burlington TiCats what a frigging awful sound that hurts the ears. :thdn: Not having the new stadium in the Hamilton city limits would anger the football Gods forever. I HAVE A PREFERENCE IN HAMILTON.

cats99, if you had a camera and news people in your face, would you say you didn't like your brother if they asked you that question? All I'm saying is I think Bob may very well have a preference even if he publicly states he has no preference. That's all.

The business case, I think, makes loads of sense.

The stadium will be built at the Rheem site on Bay North. It has to go there because it is a key link to revitalizing downtown. These opportunities don't come up every day. There is zero chance the stadium will be built anywhere else.

The city will do whatever it takes to create proper parking near this new stadium. Plus, light rail transit lines that have yet to be built will alleviate that parking situation somewhat.

NO PREFERENCE does not translate to NO I WONT MOVE YOUR TEAM TO A DIFFERENT CITY. I know Aldershot is close but it is still in another town ... just think Hamilton left with NO MAJOR SPORT ... Lets put a kick in the rear there too and build an arena next to it and have an Aldershot NHL team too ... Say what you will but it is Hamilton your talking about and without trying to insult people there .. they really do have an identity issue... They wont put up with Hamilton Tiger-Cats located in Burlington ..could be the best idea for the team but a good majority would not like it and would want them to take the Hamilton out of the name.


Preference A. Aldershot Tigercats :thdn: :lol:

              B.    Hamilton  Tigercats    

The idea of taking the black and Gold out of the Hammer is a disgrace and all you guys should be ashamed of yourselves for even thinking along these lines your smokin sweet leaf :cowboy:

Bad bad idea. We are the Hamilton Tigercats not Burlington, not Aldershot. Hamilton. If the stadium were located outside of Hamilton, it would definitely limit access for some of the people who are able to catch the odd practice. It would also make it harder for me to go to the weeknight games since I work and usually only JUST make it to the games during the week as it is.

Pssst..... Tom, I know that you liking the Burlington idea has NOTHING to do with you living there lol

Man, you'd think Burlington was in another country for pete sakes. I guess next time I go ALL THE WAY to Burlington (BTW I can't even tell when I'm out of Hamilton and in Burlington from the cityscape) I better bring my passport and a bullet proof vest as I've heard there is no gun control law in that country. :wink:

Look, Hamilton, Burlington, Stoney Creek, Dundas, Glanbrook, Ancaster are all one now even if they retain their own character and mayor's in some cases, it's the Golden Horseshoe as they say. Let's join as one nation, TiCat nation. Why do you think Bob had constructed over the video board the bridge?

I heard on the news that there is a sponsor willing to pitch in $25 million for the naming rights…but if it where it is proposed…nope!

It clearly needs to be in a prime visual location to attract big dollar sponsors…not tucked deeper into the bowels of the city where just locals will see it on a daily basis

Mayor Fred should stop trying to guide this thing for some sort of half-baked dream of the stadium rescuing the downtown and his own posterity…and let the businessmen do their due diligence and place it correctly from the get-go

…I firmly believe that the Harbourfront is the absolute worst place for a myriad of reasons I’ve listed before …

The idea of a new arena in Burlington isn't all that far fetched. Michael Andlauer the Bulldogs owner has major issues with Copps and the city. He's actually in favour of building a 10,000 seat arena and yes Burlington has been mentioned, mostly due to the objections of Hamilton to a competing facility. BTW Earl Aldershot is a pain in the neck for Burlington residents too. Its not easily accessable by car or transit from old downtown Burlington right thru to the east end of town. I lived there, I know.

I am not from either city, but I think the root of a lot of people's problems lie in the fact that Burlington isn't just another city within the region like Stoney Creek or Dundas, it's in an entirely different regional municipality. So it would be a whole different set of rules, different planning department, different everything.

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Confederation Park seems like the only site of the 3 that would satisfy the needs of this sponsor. There is no doubt that its a far more valuable site to buisness looking to purchase naming rights and would be a terrific advertisement for the city as well while the other 2 sites really only spotlight the city on game days. Truthfully now answer this. Do you have a clue what Regina, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton are like based on watching a football game? Not I. Confederation Park is also a beautiful waterfront backdrop for TV so the waterfront panorama is a wash IMO

Excellent point about visibility for businesses no question. The harbourfront does not provide that incentive for business.

AGREE !!! This is step one of dumping the stupid idea that is a Harbour front Stadium. why not raise the eyebrows of those involved with decision making and piss off most all those who love the TiCats. There will be no Burlington TiCats, but the thought of it sure made the morning news. Didnt it?

Bob said on the news that he has put forward 6 separate locations of interest...and only one was out of Hamilton and environs....Aldershot......he suggested The Spec latched onto that one because it would create controversy to sell papers......can't argue with him there....Mayor Fred sounded defensive and said the city has it's own people doing the studies due in February.....somehow, I bet Bob's analysts would come up with a better plan than the city's people or firm they hire.....but I digress

Note.....forgive me if I'm repeating anything already reported in other posts......I just got in and haven't had time to catch up much

Right on!

[i][u]HAS [/i][/u]to be in Hamilton!

Agreed 100%! :thup:

It's not about distance. It's about commiunity pride and identity and this city hasn't got much of that.

The Tiger-Cats are integral to the identity of the city of Hamilton. Always have been, and hopefully always will be.