Bob Young: Aldershot Pan Am Stadium Option

According to this article by John Kernaghan in today's Hamilton Spectator, Bob Young wants the Pan Am Committee to consider the option of placing the Pan Am Stadium near the Aldershot GO station:

The Burlington Ti-Cats? uhh the Alder-cats?
Secret agenda to relocate the team under a pan-am guise?
would upset alot of fans

NO, Please don't do it Bob. This is the worst location due to it being in Burlington. These are my HAMILTON TIGERCATS and no one should mess with that.

Hard to tell by it just being in an article ... but he seemed just to ready to make that comment.. like he said it so easily.
Scary thoughts........ why would he even entertain such an idea .. its hard enough to follow the cats from here .. that would end it for me

*here being not in canada

That would make sense, after all this is the Toronto Pan Am Games and you want to get people from the GTA to the games fast and easy on the 403 and the GO station. It is probably the best place to attract football fans to a CFL game. In most cities a downtown waterfront stadium is the answer but for a city like Hamilton it may not work out.
Yes you can still call them the Hamilton Tiger Cats after all the New York Giants and New York Jets are nowhere near New York, they don't call them the New Jersey Jets or Giants or the Sukakis Jets.

I live in Hamilton. I have friends that live in Aldershot. You can't get there from here. The only upside is that my city taxes would not be used to pay for it. If that happens Hamilton should pull all support for the Pan Am Games. Everything. Organize a boycott or the Games and the Ticats. I'll tell you honestly, if the team isn't a Hamilton team I never would have gone in the first place. Instant Argo fan in my house.

Man, I sure hope not.

It would be quite easy for GO transit to locate a station closer to the site .. as it is Go transit trains are very limited for hamilton but for a game night or during the games or on certain occasions they could service close to the proposed site (its right next to some tracks) ... what about the new transit system i heard about ... metro links or something (sorry forget the name we dont get much canadian news here) does hamilton get let down with that too?

People complain about location as it is now ... there is no HSR to Aldershot ... there is no regular Go train from Hamilton to Aldershot... Imagine the complaints then !!!

Not in Aldershot (Burlington) as they are the HAMILTON Tiger Cats.

It's bad enough Hamilton was shafted in the early '70s when regional government was formed and Hamilton was promised inclusion of Aldershot into Hamilton-Wentworth if it would be quiet and accept not having Burlington in the regional mix (Burlington didn't want to play second fiddle to Hamilton).

Instead, after Hamilton had accepted the arrangements, the unethical Conservative provincial government stabbed Hamilton in the back and handed over Aldershot to Burlington (Burlington had a key/powerful PC Burlington MPP (who shall go nameless) pushing it's agenda), along with Hamilton properties like La Salle Park and the RBG lands (the reason the RBG headquarters is actually in Burlington even though it's officially a Hamilton institution).

Then Hamilton Mayor Vic Copps, understandably upset at the betrayal, had to be physically and forcibly removed from the Public Gallery at Queen's Park after the government made the announcement in the House.

In any event, with the wide spread NIMBYism present, it would no doubt be challenged in Aldershot too (see newly raised opposition to PanAm soccer stadium in Burlington)

(Look at a colored map of the area to see the big chunk obviously missing from the northern Hamilton border.)

Aldershot Go is at least 5 miles from the proposed transit line. Anyone taking transit would be forced to take city buses with 2 transfers for most to get to the Hamilton Go and pay an additional Go fare. Its really the only way other than car. Wow is this a bad choice. Where are you going to park all of the Hamilton cars? Yikes. A sure fired failure. Can't get there by public transit AND you can't park there

Fail to see how the City of Hamilton would benefit in anyway from having the stadium in Aldershot, it’s in a different region. I thought Bob was a supporter of Hamilton, this would only benefit Burlington. Bob please remember that the team is the HAMILTON Tiger-Cats. If the team moved to Burlington but was still called the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, it would be a huge blow to the psyche of the city and have economic impacts. Do you think visiting teams and media would stay in downtown Hamilton, most likely they would be in Burlington Hotels. Any news reports would be by-lined Burlington. Any events at the stadium would benefit Burlington, which is now considered a suburb of Toronto.

This is what I have feared, that somehow Hamilton would get the short end again.

If the people that want to invest in the stadium want visibility, than move the stadium site to Confederation Park area, though I think that would also be a bad choice. Remember Exhibition Stadium was called the “mistake by the lake” for all the bad weather that came off the lake. How about Kaye Drage Park in the west end. There is plenty of land for parking, it is off the 403 for access and visibility and could be picturesque with views of Cootes Paradise. The only problem may be that it is over the old city dump.

Wherever the stadium goes in MUST BE IN HAMILTON and well as the Tiger-Cats.

Good grief this is a pathetic response from so-called Tiger Cat fans. What difference does it make if the team played in Aldershot, Stoney Creek, or Ancaster? Most people have to travel to get the the stadium anyway so why does what direction the quick little journey takes have any influence on supporting the team? One fan will switch to the Argos, another who doesn't live in Canada will find it too difficult to follow the team, and another blames this all on those evil Conservatives. Is it any wonder why two days before the first home playoff game in eight years the game is not sold out?

Dead on Ockham. :thup: :thup: :thup:

I want it where Bob Young prefers it so that means more money from him and his partners that I'm sure he's been chatting with. People must see this I hope.

Add me to the list of those opposed. One simple reason - lack of transit access from Hamilton. While I am not entirely happy with the waterfront site either, it's hugely preferable to something outside of HSR access.

Who says there wouldn't be special buses to Aldershot from Hamilton for the games? That could easily happen.

Bob should think before he speaks.

Dumb idea from a smart man.

Hamilton City Council won't be paying for it.

Edit: Just heard Bob on CHML say that Hamilton is his preference. :thup:

Id be opposed but i think BoB is on the same thoughts im on ....

Why should Bob Young or any other private companies or money donors help pay for the clean up of that land in the west harbor front in Hamilton . We could take all that money used for soil clean up and piering systems to build a Bigger Better stadium somewhere else ..

I think this is BOB's way of telling the city that Hello we the ticats don't want to be part of your clean up the downtown and build a stadium on Expensive land that needs to Have major soil remediation management done before they can build on this so called land that will need Push pier systems to hold the structure up ...

Maybe BoB's stirring the pot a bit .. He is a Very Very successful business Man .... hes playing his cards right
Letting the City of Hamilton that hey your not the only city were willing to build in ..

IM sure BOB is not a dumb man Everyman has methods in Negotiation of any matter ....

I feel hes throwing his Muscle around a bit seeing what transpires from this article ....How many eyebrows raised and how fast ..

BoB Young is not stupid by no means and ASSUMPTIONS IS THE MOTHER OF ALL %@@%@

I think Burrlington is a great Idea :thup:

He is Why ..

I heard there no parking at IWS So I Don't go to games
They may not be much in the Proposed Hamilton Lakeshore Spot in the West Harbor
There Room for Tons of Cars in the Aldershot Location
You can Tail Gate with no Issues.

2 Via and Go train and Bus Service Right by the Stadium

3 Burlington has more Hotels for Grey Cups
a Huge Convention Center for Grey Cup Events
You have Big Half Time shows without any Issuies

4 a City Conconal that work with The Ticats ..

That just 4 off Top of my head

Bob on CHML clarified that he just wants the proper location supporting our Mayor he was off base in the aldershot idea Bob has" NO PREFERENCE" he just wants the right location and "experts" reporting back in Feb on the analysis.

Bigger than Victor K. Copps Coliseum Trade Centre and Arena? And/or Hamilton Convention Centre?
Everything else is, at best, equal. In actual distance, I'd bet that the GO and Via (proposed) stops in Hamilton would end up being closer to the Waterfront stadium site.

Anyway...I really wish they hadn't brought this up. We've got better things to focus our energy on.