Bob Wylie Sightings...

MorningBigBlue ?@MorningBigBlue 4h
Not sure why he is here but multiple people have told me Bob Wylie flew into Winnipeg earlier today. #Bombers #CFL

@PentonKirk @Darren_Cameron word is Bob Wylie arrived in Winnipeg today. Can u confirm he's signing contract to be Bombers OL coach?

Kirk Penton ?@PentonKirk 43m
.@garrettbillan1 Yes, it appears Bob Wylie will be #Bombers new offensive line coach, according to a source.

.....Great news....just what we needed for our long suffering O Line....We have a few guys just maturing into competent linemen and Wylie will be the coach to further them along....Willy just breathed a huge sigh of relief :thup: :thup:

And I remember Papa, that you were the first to say we should be hiring this guy. Way to go !.. I'm starting to get excited about the coming year.

Timing is good too, probably joining the coaches at the CFL combine this weekend to help evaluate the OLs. Six picks in the upcoming draft, I wouldn't be surprised if between their first rd pick and their 2 picks in the 3rd round that they use 2 of those on Oline.

For sure the first pick will be a Olineman. The last few seasons the CIS has been able to produce several CFL ready starters. The top Lineman not attneding the E Camp will not be in the CFL so Winnipeg behind Ottawa with both look for the balance of a potential ready to start player and one who will not be heading to the NFL.
The next can be more of a project Olineman.
Lots of LB/FB types coming out of the regional combines with a combo of speed an strength also should be looked at in the later rounds as they can find some Canadian depth ready to contributer on special teams.

....If I'm a young O Lineman and wanting to stay in Canada, and want my career to get off to a good start, Wylie would be a man I'd like to get mentoring from...The Bombers will be a lot more attractive to such a pic and I see us landing a quality o line guy.... :thup:

Great signing if it all comes to fruition.I took a little glance at wiki , the resume is insane.The experiance and success he brings will be huge.It is nice to see our rookie headcoach fillling the assistant coach jobs with experienced people.

Yeah great resume. Sure shows how nomadic you are as an assistant coach.
Wonder what he's been up to in the past two years.
Looks like he's been schooled ( helped developed?)by the schemes that Denver had excelled at back in the day. Zone blocking...running back makes one cut and goes.
Hope he signs.
Anybody who is a career coach, a pilot and an accomplished musician seems like a successful guy to me.

LOL, now I get it. When I saw Friesen's tweet yesterday:

Paul Friesen?@friesensunmedia·Mar 19 @PentonKirk @garrettbillan1 The magician returns.
I thought "???"

But what you said just reminded me that Wylie is also an amateur magician.

thats true. interesting guy. love to have a beer with he and Etch...conversation would be fascinating.

According to the Blue Bombers sight….it's official, Bob Wylie is "on-line".

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers announce today that Bob Wylie has been added to the club’s football staff and will oversee the development of the offensive line.

Not called a coach, but we can call him "The Overseer".

Wonder if him overseeing the line means he won't be around for 100% as all coaches are? Maybe he didn't want to commit to a full coaching job in case a job opportunity in the NFL opened up down the road? I guess we'll see what the distinction is as we go along here.

.....Great to have Wylie on board ,doesn't matter in what capacity....He did such a great job when he was here the last time and earned a lot of respect in the Peg and around the league...Solid signing... :thup: :thup: