Bob Wylie - Good coach lost

With Saskatchewan announcing today that Wylie is their new O-line coach, even though we've known this for some time, it still smarts as I think he is a pretty good coach.

...old news....We have moved on.....I agree Wylie was a good o line a lot of players and coaches...not irreplaceable... :wink:

Thanks by the way.

Bob got his poop in a loop, when he was told, along with the rest of Berry's staff, that they could look for employment elsewhere or interview for their old jobs with Kelly. He felt he deserved a little more respect than that, and maybe he did.

However, since Vinklarek pulled the plug for the college position, it was too late to ask Wylie back. I'm sure he will be a fine addition to the Riders staff.

We kinda threw the baby out with the bathwater by letting him walk. The stats from the last two years should have been enough to convince Kelly he was someone he needed on staff or at least take a good hard look at him. I hope Carpenter is able to get this new group of O linemen to jell. I know its done and over with but it still might be a big part of why we do or don’t have success protecting the QB this year. Montreal’s experience two years ago shows that personnel is important but so are systems and coaching. We may be looking at this in September (or sooner) and saying Kelly should never have let this happen. I hope that isn’t the case and we forget all about it.

Buffalo, I assume you are referring to the poor coaching in Montreal two seasons ago…guess who was Montreal’s offensive line coach that year? Carpenter…

Not too sure what happened there Jack ? All kinds of rumors about the players not respecting him.

Carpenter & Kelly go way back, both coached under Cal Murphy when the Bombers went to 2 cups.

He also won cups in Baltimore & Toronto later on, as the o-line coach.

His success has been more on than off over his career.

Since both are Cal Murphy 'creations', I suspect he is just as abrasive as Kelly is. Sometimes players respond to that and sometimes they don't. A veteran group, like the Als had on the o-line, obviously didn't.

Yes MadJack I was referring to Carpenter. There was a good O-Line in Montreal that went into the tank for a year and than was back to form last year. You have to wonder what happened and I know Popp probably had a lot to do with it. But it is still a red flag and an area to watch for the season here.

Well all I know for sure is that the Als' O-line played great the year before Carpenter, and great the year after, but the year he coached them they were arguably the worst O-line in the league. Coincidence? We shall see..................