Bob, what gives???

At the Ivor Wynne press conference, you indicated that private interests (Molsons, Primus, etc.) were stepping up in a big way. The council meeting at City Hall, yesterday, seemed to indicate something different. Did I miss something?????

bwf, like you, that's what I got from last weeks announcement. I thought for sure that the Cats sponsors would come forward with a major contribution to the project when they started crunching numbers yesterday. Having been on the side of the team in this debate, I must admit I am very disappointed in their participation, financial wise, in this final chance at a new stadium. It doesn't sound like anything is forthcoming from the club either.

I was wondering the same thing myself. I'm starting to get a little ticked off by this whole process. Seems like lots of game playing going on all over the place.

What, if anything other than already stated in Spec. is Mr. Young putting into the pot? We as ticket holders and tax payers seem to be expected to pay more--more--more. If Mr. Young wants his offices moved, he should pay for that himself. He should not expect the city (me) to pay for temporary facilities while his are being renovated.
This is for the team's and the city's benefit. Perhaps. to enlighten his fans, he should fill us in on his financial situation. :rockin:

I sure would like to know Bob Young's reaction to yesterday's council decision on IWS.
Does he have more options? Is this the end of the road?

I am hoping that Bob was waiting for council to get on board with this IWS2 proposal before making any financial commitments.
Council has voted in favour so now Bob will wait to see how much more money city staff can get from the Prov. and find out what shortfall is left after that.

Lets not forget that Bob laid his cahones on the table early for EM and he may be a little shy about doing this time.
I really feel that Bob will do whatever he can to make this work within reason.

There are still a potential 3 council meetings to go through yet.
Wed. Jan. 26th regular meeting
Thurs. Jan. 27th special meeting if needed
Mon. Jan. 31st special meeting if needed (last day before Hostco deadline)

A negative vote on any of these days and the whole thing blows up!!

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There better be some money put on the table soon or this whole thing is gonna backfire.

Grover: The signs are not good.
No sponsors.
The need to have the city provide office space at IWS.
The indication from the city that the Tiger-Cats have no more money to offer other than the 640 thou or whatever in rent every year.
Also....if Bob was willing to lay out his plan quickly for the EM site which was not approved...why is he not willing to offer something now that the IWS reno HAS been approved? Looks to me like the answer is that there is no more money available. Either that or Bob Young is waiting to see how much the Province coughs up.
I find the silence very worrisome.

I, for one, don't think Bob Young should have to put any money towards the new stadium. He has contributed enough.

Let the city, the Feds and the Province make up the difference.

If it wasn't for Bob Young there would be no Ticats. He has given enough.

How much would you want to invest into a place where you're never more than a tenant? Do you help your landlord pay to build the place you rent?

Excellent analogy there, zenstate.

kevy: I would agree…especially since he has lost millions since he bought the team.
What leaves me wondering is why…now that the council has voted in favour of renovating IWS…is there no sign of any money from anyone else when in the past it looked like there was lots of interest.
Where is Osmington, Katz…or any other developers/investors?
Bob Young and Scott Mitchell seemed quite willing to dump the Burlington developer in favour of IWS. Did they have unrealistic expectations about a new IWS deal?
All of a sudden it looks like the Emperor( Caretaker) has no clothes.
I hope I am wrong…but it’s not over yet.

I am a huge Bob Young supporter, but the Stadium is being built to this size to house professional teams(football and soccer)
I am sure it will come with state of the art television and press box to professional standards.
It will also have professional quaility locker rooms for Ti-Cat and soccer teams use only.
There will be medical rooms and I'm sure professional weightroom equipment for professional use exclusively.
I do not see why the Ti-Cats cannot contribute some cash.

This is a good deal for Hamilton
For $45 Mil. The City gets a new, modern facility worth (cough) $156Mil. without raising taxes
For a contribution of ? $Mil.the Ticats get an ultra modern facility to play in for at least 20 more years with all the ammenities mentioned

Lets face it if this doesn't go then IWS is so old it will eventually be condemned and would have to be demolished,probably costing the City $20Mil. for demolition.

Not an accurate analogy. The tenant here is using the property as a commercial venture which changes the relationship completely. It's Young's venture not the city's.

Sure it's an accurate analogy. . . it applies equally to a residential landlord~tenant relationship as it does to a commercial landlord~tenant relationship.

So, to rephrase it to make that clear. . . if you were running, let's say, a real estate agency, and wanted to rent an office building from which to carry on your business, would you pay the landlord to build the building for you ?

Please read the following from Jim Edmands, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for the Tiger-Cats:

Through the hard work of the Mayor and Bob Young, the team, the stadium and the Pan Am games are hopefully going to stay in Hamilton. The commitment by our partners was directly to the Ticats and was part of the formula that ensured the team stayed in Hamilton. These partners see a value in their investment in the Tiger-Cats brand. As Bob Young will have to continue to invest millions of dollars in the Tiger-Cats franchise before we could possibly move into a new stadium, these partners are doing their part to ensure they not only get great value from their investment in the brand, but that they help ensure the Tiger-Cats have a viable business case in order to get to the new stadium. Furthermore, without all of our corporate partners, there would be no Hamilton Tiger-Cats franchise. That's how important our partners are to our viability.

Hold on there… I’ve rented retail space before… and all you get is 4 walls. Anything you want added to the space is your own responsibility. Lets say your opening up a clothing store at Limeridge. You get the 4 walls. If you want counter space, dressing rooms, etc, etc, etc, YOU put it in. If you want a certain colour or paper on the wall, YOU pay for it. So, ya… in the comercial world you DO help pay to build the place you rent. No doubt about it. Bob wants luxury boxes… Bob should pay for luxury boxes.

I’ve grown tired of the competitive nature of the stadium process ever since the Mitchell “expose” by Drew Edwards.

The relationship between a city and its CFL franchise is a unique one and should be viewed as a partnership with a co-operative nature.

(fist pound on keyboard) Enough of this contentious B.S.! What’s it gotten us so far?

(calm face back on now)

Money talks and bull &*it walks. I beleive there are several more cards that need to be played before this saga is finally put to bed.