Bob speaks

Listen to Bob at the press conference and sounds like he might have read a couple thousand posts from this web site. He mentioned two things that tell me he is listening, first that it was important to hire a GM who could intern hire his own coach, and second to instil a sense of urgency in fixing this team. The first one is a no brainier the second is a relief after watching them do nothing blow out after blow out. I liked Marcel’s comment that it would be better to have people in place and see first hand what is going on rather wait and have to watch films. There all saying the right things let’s hope we get some results. :thup:

I Enjoyed hearing from Bob..take on this season.. I do not Agree with Bob That Jason Maas is Fine Person..

But Otherwise.. it was nice to hear from him

I think Jason Maas IS a fine person. Unfortunately, he is a very frustrated person who would like to take back some things he said in the heat of his frustration.
I'm still not convinced he's a starter though. Only time will tell.
The offensive scheme set up by Paopao definitely wasn't to his taste.
Lets see what he can do under the new regime.

why would Jason Maas not be a fine person ??

Because he is frustrated. Only the fans are allowed to be frustrated. :thdn:

Huh ???

I'm saying people think Maas is a jerk because he shows his frustrations on the field. But fans feel only they should voice their frustrations...

Maas is a winner and the toughest QB in this league... People who want him traded or benched are mistaken.

How I wish some TiCat fans would drop the notion that they know more than the people running the team. Playing high school football or coaching tykes does not make you one step away from professional sports.

I'm sure if TiCat management reads any of these posts it is for comedic value only.

God knows that's my motivation and this one serves me well.

Exactly, to think Bob gets his info from here made me laugh, he has enough pros to learn from to shake a stick at. The only reason he posts here is to humour us and use it as a marketing device to see what we want so he can work on improving the game day experience. It's not like he'll come on and see everyone all worked up about Maas, then say 'o.k the natives are restless we better move ahead with plan h and dump Maas'.

So what your saying is Bob doesnt care what the heck the fans think ??

And I guess your also saying only you know anything about football ??

I didn't say that, and there are lots of knowledgeable fans here, we all knew Joe Paopao was a problem after week 2. But I highly doubt, Bob, or anyone else on the team takes the fans all that seriously on in house matters because we don't have a clue whats going on behind the scenes, obviously he's going to consult with the coach with what's going on with the team rather than the fans. The coach is the one who spends 10 hours a day in the film room disecting each play, not us.

There are some things I wish Bob would listen to us about: smuggling water, expanded menu, lower p.a. volume, fewer song-bites, no white pants, painted end zone logos.

Believe me Leo, the caretaker does not have to read this site to realize there's a problem with the onfield performance of this team. Evidently, the talks with Desjardans has been going on for quite awhile.

One thing I have learned watching Jason Maas play in the west here is there is no other QB that wants to win more then one Jason Maas. The guy is class he sat out most of the year after having frito boy take his job. Did he complain not in your life. You have a good QB but sorry guys he has nothing to throw too. Not only that the offensive scheme is a joke. Give this team time it will get better but some of the guys need to go. And it takes time it did in Calgary do not bail on your team. Give Maas a chance you got the better of the two QB's from Edmonton.

re okham-'m sure if TiCat management reads any of these posts it is for comedic value only.

God knows that's my motivation and this one serves me well. J.o.y
Katz not knowing football, hired the wrong OC, , perhaps if he had listened to this poster the ticats wouldnot be the joke of the CFL standings, ha ha

if you dont like it here, then dont read and dont post, you are you "holier than thou attitude" are not needed.

Maybe our receivers really are so bad that Jason deserves to not have confidence in them???

Great. Here's a personal challenge to you then: You believe it, you've said it, you arguably have the right to say it. Now there is no need to keep repeating it.

(I'm not saying that you've said it more than once, I really have no idea. But I grow tired of reading repeated personal attacks against our players. It serves no constructive purpose. Talking about their play can be constructive. Attacking their character or personality is pointless unless you actually know them, and even then it is suspect.)

poetic and couldn't agree more.

Ockman I said it sounds like he has read posts, not that our posts are the reason he made changes. I will tell you that management does indeed read these posts and engage people on their opinion. I'm sure I am not the only one but I had a message in a private box (that I didn’t know I had) a month ago from Katz discussing one of my posts in regards to our o-line. I was shocked as anyone to get a personnel reply and very impressed with him for doing so. They do listen and a lot of what people say here is accurate. Do not underestimate the quality of the comments that are made here and I think it's a privilege that we have this tool.
P.S. it is entertaining and we do have some very funny people posting!