Bob speaks on pan am stadium!!!

Somebody call Jim Ballsilee a.s.a.p. Mind you it would appear he has a few issues at the moment. I said it before, Bob Young, Jim Ballsillee and Ron Foxcfort with minor players can get a new stadium done. Come on Hamilton politicians go after this and you can have a 50 year legacy of what you did rather than what you did not do.

The people of Hamilton deserve a new stadium for all kinds of events!

I agree. City Council needs to get their act together and make a decision for the placement of the stadium. If we lose the funding for the stadium, we will only have City Council to blame!!

City Council: Either get the deal done or allow someone else to make the deal

Chance of a lifetime, yes, no question. But also, we now have an owner of a lifetime IMHO regardless if our record hasn't been the greatest over the past few years. Yes, let's not blow government funding on this. But equally as well, let's not let our owner down, one of the best owners I'm sure in all of pro sports!!! :rockin:

While I agree with your post...I'll temper it with... "I'd like the stadium to be able to expand extra seating to allow hosting a GREY CUP!" AND,...AND this is a BIG ONE..."I'd like it to keep the closeness of Ivor Wynne"!

Man Bob really loves the Tiger-Cats and is no way at fault for our record the past 5 years. To put pump money into a losing team whose attendance is going down, and now even offer money for a new stadium, well all i can say is this man loves the Tiger-Cats, and we are very fortunate he is our owner.

Going back 40 years or so, a major tea company wanted to put a state -of-the-art planetarium in Hamilton; all Hamilton had to do was provide the land. City council dithered so long that the tea company finally said too late and went elsewhere, U.S.A., I believe.

When the Canadian Football HoF was being discussed, city council took so long coming up with a location we almost lost it to Toronto.

I don't know what it is, this is obviously totally different people on council, but the same dithering. If we lose out on getting a new stadium because of city council dithering re the location, etc. remember next municipal election time - vote out the stragglers and vote in leaders who will make timely decisions.

With all due respect woody, you can't have everything perfect, there will be a bit of give and take in this situation like anything. Yes, has to be Grey Cup capable, no question. But a bit less closeness is fine with me if we get something that is GC capable in a better location to showcase what a great city Hamilton is. Sound fair? And with a stadium that can host track championships, I really really like this as an ex sprinter, albeit not a very good one.

Also, considering city council, and forgive me as this is total speculation, are most into wanting the CFL to go under, they only love Buffalo Bills football or NFL in Toronto ie. NFL-only-counts sorts? I have no idea, call me out to lunch on this if you will.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats owner Bob Young says the football team and other private sources would bring “millions to tens of millions? to a $150-million Pan Am Games stadium and the Ticats’ new home.

And Young said today he would be talking to most members of city council to explain why he feels the stadium is important to the city.

“I’m just one vote but I’m also the prime tenant of the stadium.?

Young stressed about $56 million from the provincial and federal governments towards a 24,000- to 27,000-seat stadium is ?a once-in-50-year opportunity.?

I do not post often on topics with my own personal opinion but there is no denying that this is a huge opportunity right in the lap of this city.

Just some points as to why this is so important:

IWS will need massive repairs in the not too distant future. Costs could approach $50 million or more. Hamilton will not be able to go back to the Gov't for funding when that time comes. Now is the chance.

The stadium needs to be located with in the 'downtown' Hamilton area. Proposed plans near the airport and in Burlington are unacceptable. No one in professional sports builds stadiums outside of their downtown core. Even the Dallas Cowboys new stadium is located closer to the downtown than the previous one. Recent examples of downtown revitalization can be seen in industrial cities such ass Cleveland and Pittsburgh (to name only a few).

I would almost be certain that the Toronto FC are much more successful because their stadium is located on the Exhibition grounds instead of the proposed plan at York University and away from the downtown core.

How many places have regretted building a new stadium in their downtown core as apposed to outside their city limits or in a rural area?

The majority of the infrastructure is already in the downtown with the opportunity to expand. Bus routes, rail lines and potentially light rail transit are and will be in place. An entertainment complex will only increase the need for business, which will not just be limited to restaurants and hotels, although those sectors would benefit immensely.

The economic impact of recent Grey Cups has approached or exceeded $50 million dollars. The revenues generated for holding two Grey Cups in a decade would exceed the cost of building the stadium minus Gov't funding. Those number exclude the impact of additional events such as Concerts, Professional and Amateur sporting events as well as other Entertainment.

I realize the argument against using taxpayer money for a stadium instead of roads or other infrastructure but if you do not put money into the arts, sports or other entertainment event you won't see new business, tourism and new residents coming to Hamilton which in turn provides new tax dollars for the municipality.

Anyways, just my two cents.

As Bob has always hinted, you have retractable seating so that if there is a track meet, you don't extend the bleachers. Since I'm not a planner, could the bleachers, once extended, support an additional 16,000+ fans?

Bob is a great man and fans who criticize him (onknight comes to mind) have their own head up their ass. I can't wait to see how happy Bob is once this team starts winning. That man deserves it!

About the stadium.. Bob keeps amazing me with how dedicated he is to this team and its fans. That man is literally a godsend for all Ti-Cat fans. He is there through thick and thin and always keeps a positive attitude no matter what.

God bless you, Bob!

Also, if the "model" of football in this area is the Buffalo Bills tailgaiting experience, you know getting drunk in a parking lot throwing around a football in a stadium in the outskirts of the city, another town Orchard Park is I believe, and there is nothing wrong with that BTW, then why is Buffalo considering a new stadium in the downtown waterfront area to keep the Bills there?

I would prefer driving a little further out of town to a stadium with the "closeness" of Ivor Wynne that had ample, free parking at the stadium facility. Personally, I tolerate pay parking for the stadium because I have no choice as it stands, but I know that my seats will be great. Had I to pay for parking and have Rogers Center style seating I would pass. A couple of examples as to why the "downtown stadium" idea will not fly are Hamilton's own Copps and the brand new K-Rock center in Kingston. Both built downtown, both with only pay parking in the area, both losing money. 8-10 dollars to park to see an AHL/OHL team - no thanks I'll pass. On-site parking is required. I don't think you can get that downtown.

Mr. Young said he will be talking to most members of city council
to explain why he feels the stadium is important to the city, today .

“I’m just one vote but I’m also the prime tenant of the stadium.?

The timing of this announcement couldn't be better.

You can bet your bottom dollar that 'his conversation' will
be about the stadium's location, it's design and features.

and the decision the councillors make on these things

will strongly impact whether his contribution is in the amount
of merely millions of dollars or tens of millions of dollars.


I never doubted bob would follow though with financial
assistance like he has said he would many times before.

billydee, how do you know other factors other than parking aren't involved in both AHL-Hamilton and OHL-Kingston situations? Take the Ticats, I park at Centre Mall and choose to walk about 20 minutes to the stadium but if I wanted, I hop on a bus for free from Centre Mall showing my TiCats tickets. What's so hard about that?

Maybe both the Bulldogs and Frontenacs (OHL team in Kingston I think is the name), is a dissconnect for both cities for a variety of reasons that wasn't entirely counted on when these teams were put in place. Maybe if they reduce parking by 1/2, maybe more, maybe the same problems with attendance occur, maybe.

Never mind BUffalo ,where will the new stadium be built? IMHO Build it beside I.W

Yes I just saw the interview with Bob and Ken Welch of CH.
Bob says he is talking about an investment of ten of millions.
You go Bob.
Finally the people of the Hammer are awakening.

As I recall the story, Mayor Victor Kennedy Copps took out a mortgage on his own personal home to pay for the building of the HoF when City Council of the day dithered. I believe they ultimately came through with the funds or it would likely be the "Copps Canadian Football Hall of Fame". Now there was a GREAT politician.


Wrong on 3 counts.

  1. hecfi makes money
    2)There is free parking available right on the street. You can get it. I have
  2. Pay for parking is nowhere near the $8 - $10 range in downtown Hamilton.