Bob, something to think about

Bob, here is a sure money maker, lets have an online reality show about a football team where the fans (subscribers) can call the shots! Holy Mac Kin Aw, Eat Em RAW, we may have a winner!

Here is the thing… rather than sell season tickets sell subscriptions based on the level of participation of the individual subscriber… this way we won’t be seem actully at a game, but we can continue our support in a stealth way! :slight_smile:

eg… offensive coaching subscribers… they pay 250 dollars per game, and as a collective they determine the direction of the offense, and therefore replaces the OC [can’t be worse , right? or can it?]

Similarily, defensive coaching subscribers… replace the defensive coordinator… special Teams subscribers… etc…

Any hooo give me a call Bob, would love to talk more about this idea… Can be a real money maker! Cause seriously, I would be embarrassed to be seen at Ivor [never] Wynn Stadium