Bob Saget , Sidney Poitier , Betty White

Bob Saget who was pretty shook up when Norm Macdonald passed away had died overnight a few days ago . No foul play and no drugs . He had done a two hour show and tweeted about it . Best known for Full House and Funny Home Videos.

Before that Sidney Poitier who I really liked his work he was 94 .

And of course Betty White right before that .

RIP all of them .

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Enjoyed Betty White's comedy.

Poitier was I think one of the greatest American actors, if not the best.

Saget, meh; was never impressed particularly with him.


Apparently he finished his career as a very raunchy stand up comedian

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I hear ya MJ . I couldn't believe it when my son came downstairs and told me that Bob Seger had died .

That was what I liked about him. Full House and the syrupy video show, possibly a forerunner of reality TV, were not my thing.

I (re)watched a number of Poitier movies since he died. I found him to be more of a Brand than a great actor. A Strong Proud Black Man who was loved by a white audience. But not necessarily a gifted versatile actor

Well I am hard pressed to name an actor who could act just with his eyes as well as Poitier did. His scene where he argues with Roy Glenn in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is a good example (when his eyes soften).

Yup he had some good signature moves alright.

Spencer Tracy died just days after making that movie according to wiki.

Some scenes in it were cringeworthy actually.

To Sir with Love still gets a tear especially when that song is played .

No argument there. Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn, and Poitier are great actors; having that no-talent woman play the 'love' interest was dreadful miscasting. She couldn't act her way out of a paper bag. . . so transparently phony up against giants like Tracy, Hepburn, and Poitier.

Yeah she was TERRIBLE. Odd that she was cast in that role was tone deaf.
And delivery drivers dancing the Watusi in the driveway

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