Bob / Ottawa / 10th franchise

So Bob's on the commitee...good. I trust Bob to do the right thing, even though I may or may not agree with he does whatever that may be....

Why are we so focused on returning to Ottawa?

I think we should look to establish a new franchise in Quebec somehwere first. start the new team, build a successful track record to show the fans in Ottawa that it CAN be done, then try again in Ottawa a few years down the line.


I tend to agree, Ottawa had its chance and it fell apart not once but twice. And I know that its mostly due to the poor management of the franchise, however I think aa quick return to Ottawa is not the way to go. I think as a league they need to sit down and really evaluate how the Ottawa franchise should be run and put the right people in place. And in the meantime, look elsewhere as there are some football markets waiting in the wings.

Ottawa has been in the past and will be in the future a great CFL city.

We do have to get our act together as a league to improve our business model, and we have to find the right ownership for Ottawa.

If we can keep healthy and prosperous CFL teams in Regina, Winnipeg and Hamilton there is no reason Ottawa can't succeed as well.


I think Going back to Ottawa is a Mistake.

IF I was an ottawa Fan I say this :

Fool me once Shame you
Fool me Twice Shame on me
Fool me three Time Lock up me Away throw Away the key..

This Is a Waise of Time and Money
We should be Looking at Quebec City and Halifax..

Ottawa should Say Dead ..

Quebec-City for the 9th team
Halifax for the 10th team
....THEN ottawa for the 11th team, so time has healed thier wounds.

but aslong as all of those cities gets a team within 6 years, im happy! team in '07, '09, and '11



Ottawa should get a team ASAP!!! They have such a rich history the league doesn't feel quite right without them.
All Ottawa needs is the right owner. Maybe the caretaker can clone himself. We have the technology!

If there is no team in Ottawa within the next year or two, there likely never will be. There is already a movement afoot to tear down the present stadium. If it was hard to find a new owner with a stadium in place, how hard do you think it would be with no stadium?

I take it that Tweed, Ontario is no longer in the running?

There is no way Wettenhaul will let Quebec have a team. He is not about to share Frenh TV and Radio revenues with another “regional team”.

Also it would jeopardize his request for 27 million of tax payer money to build his luxury box.

Halifax is a better sports town then QC imo and I’ve lived in both cities. Halifax will support a team even if it does not win, Quebec city will not.

Still need a stadium either way.

Anyway to get back to business, Bob should buy a team in Ottawa and give it to his mom…

umm....he's already been approved for the a QC team wont affect the 27 million.

but hes an idiot if the tv money is why hes against a QC team...the addition of a QC team should draw more tv money from RDS, cuz thats 2 games a week ( instead of montreals 1 ) that RDS will draw 400K in viewers.

plus, he would beable to sell-out the BIG O, for 1 extra game, on labour-day.

Ottawa is and will be a good football just needs the right people involved and it sounds like that is what the expansion committee will make happen. It wasn't that long ago I was sitting in the skydome with 13,000...Ottawa's attendance never got that bad.

Ottawa should not pay for the fact that the leage was to stupid to allow the Gliebs back in. I pitty anyone who can not see that Ottawa can handle a team with the right owners, and should have a team. Don't forget, pre-Bob we were looking at loosing the team. If the Gleibs came in here and continued their terror on the leage and killed the Cats, would you say we wouldn't deserve a team because ours failed?
Then the leage should look for other teams; Quebec City, Halifax. And to help even it out, and to make it a true coast-to-coast Canadian league (does and can) Victoria.

I heard that Tweed is still holding out for an NFL franchise.

Ottawa is the fourth largest city in Canada. About 300,000 more people live in Ottawa-Gatineau than live in Québec City. It is three times bigger than Halifax.

Unlike Halifax and Québec, it contains a CFL-sized stadium. The Ottawa Renegades franchise is "suspended", so presumably that means it still owns assets.

There are a whole lot of good reasons to look at Ottawa. A franchise could be ready to take the field in a year. You can't really say that for Halifax or QC.

Are there downsides? Well, CFL franchises have "failed" there twice. But if the turnarounds in Toronto and Hamilton have shown us anything, it is that the right management can make a huge difference.

and a new population

Ottawa probably wont take a team right now,

They feel betrayed that the league left the city, (and feel as though they've been given the run around)

The CFL SHOULD feel betrayed that there were only 2000 season tickets sold, and recognize that its going to take a long time for ottawa to prove it wants and deserves a new team. (and for ottawa to forget about this renegade debacle. fitting name considering who their owners were tho ...)

You're blaming the fans of Ottawa???
I wonder how much support Hamilton would have
given the Ti-Cats if the Glieberman's got the team instead of Bob Young? Ottawa will support a good team with strong ownership.

I agree. Blaming the fans is a bit much.

Average attendance for the Renegades
2002: 23,776
2003: 23,378
2004: 23,050
2005: 18,737

The numbers aren't stellar, but they are certainly respectable given that Ottawa hasn't had a winning season since 1979! They've also been cursed with horrible ownership groups over the years.

Can't blame this one on the fans.

With the right ownership, the fans will come back.

did anyone read my second post?

I agree with you Espo, blaming the fans for a 2000 seat ticket base is ridiculous. It is the same dogma of what we had to suffer in pre-BOB years.

If my memory serves correct, there was a comment on the old website as to how there was 1, yes just ONE solitary individual to handle the ticket sales over the winter.

I agree, in that, if the CFL can wring a few concessions from the City re the rent. Get a good ownership group in place and not shaft them in the draft (as in previous drafts) where all that are available are the lower 1/2's of teams roster. Perhaps for the first 2-3 drafts give the expansion teams the #1, #2, #3 & #4 draft selections since that would allow them to build for the future much quicker or they could trade their draft positions for proven talent.

With good ownership, they should, within 2-3 years, be in the same SAD situation that we are currently in, where our biggest gripe for the present is with the sad ship named the "COMPASS". Our Cats have done phenomenal in presenting the Game and this year in upgrading the personell. Hopefully for the 100the Grey Cup they will surprise us and have a hometown party !!!!!

Had the league taken over Ottawa and ran them for the season, I was even prepared to purchase a pair of enzone seats in Ottawa and donate them to a charity up there (Ticat games excepted).

In many regards especially with the scheduling, it would be nicer to see the CFL look at two expansions simultaneously. Ottawa and then it would be Quebec vs Halifax. As you can see by the attendance quoted 3 x 23K and 1 x 19ish, there are people interested in going they just need to learn to pay for their tickets not just wait for the freebies that were in Ottawa to boost up the attendance.