Bob O'Billovich's State of the Ticats

I found this video interesting…I took from it that Jesse and Nick have not committed to this team after this year with Nick wanting to go to the NFL and Jesse wanting to keep his ears open. I definitely took from it that there are players that don’t want to be here and if thats the case why not get rid of them now? It doesn’t sound as if Casey has such a ringing endorsement as our QB in the future. I don’t know how Obie thinks we’ll be a good team next year with this group. I don’t want to be negative but we definitely need upgrades at several areas on this team for it to be a good team. :thup: :thdn:

where did you see this video you have a link ?


Videos are not working for me 1st one nothing .
2nd one gets Suck part way threw the ad

Both videos worked for me...

Here are things I got.
-- They talk about Printers and Porter, but what about Williams??? Sounds like they've passed on him and Porter's our man for the future. Which is a mistake, William's is another Micheal Bishop waiting for his chance to prove himself.
-- Lumdsen's is done in Hamilton. He's going for the money and I don't blame him.
-- Unless some bigger proven coach becomes available, it sounds like Coach Marcel will be here next year.
-- It'll be shame if Nick leaves for the NFL. But all the best to him in the NFL and I hope he comes back to the Ticats if it doesn't work out for him in the NFL.
-- Sounds like Obie has a handle on things and going to use the remaining of this schedule to try out people so he can use the off-season to basically change the team in his vision of what a winning team should be. So its going to be another long off-season of waiting and dreaming for a better next year for us Ticat fans.


Yes..all of that.
I came away thinking this team really started re-building at the beginning of this season. It's definately Obie's team ( he calls it "our system") and the firing of Charlie, which he did not mention, was just a bump along the way. It looks a if Casey is a disappointment to Obie who was counting on him to be the Casey of old. Look what he has done though....Porter and Trafalis are there for the future. Same with Jesse. If he goes we still have Caulley and Keith. So thats good work on Obie's part.
He did not sound too upset about this year's record other than saying it would be nice if we had some more wins. And he likes Marcel B. Nothing about Stubler though.
It looks as if he is stocking the team for the next couple of years, developing young players so we don't have to go shopping in a panic when we need someone.
This team was a lot worse that we thought when Obie came along. His plan is to replace the weak players slowly and add some depth to all positions with young talent. I'd say he still has a way to go and it looks like he is aiming for next years training camp as the time when he expects we will be a real competitive team.
These interviews came at a good time. I would say most fans should have a good idea now about the plans for the future. The bad news is that its another year of waiting to get were we should have been 3 or 4 years ago. The good news to me is that Obie still seems canny as ever. This might just all work out despite the dark days we are experiencing now.

I had streaming problems with the vids–I should upgrade my Commodore 64. Anyway, here’s what I got:

After speaking with Lesse and Neil Lumsden 6 weeks ago, Obie must’ve seen the writing on the wall as far as re-signing Jesse which explains his signing of Kenton Keith.

Setta will try the NFL–again.

Richie Williams is not in the team’s plans. Didn’t mention him once.

He’s not counting on Printers. If Obie had to name next year’s starter today, he’d likely say it was Porter. He sees potential in Tafralis.

I don’t think he mentioned a single lineman by name so I can’t think he’s been overly impressed by anyone.

He thinks the DBs and receivers will be better because they’ll have a year’s experience under their belts.

Marcel will be back as HC. He had alot of good things to say about him.

He said the team will have a lot fewer questions marks going into 2009 than they did this season.

I heard alot of wishful thinking on Obie’s part. I hope he’s right but he’s been wrong alot this season.

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That's the way I look at it too.

I'll probably get laughed off the site for saying this, but in my opinion this team is now two or three players and a bit of bad luck in the injury department from being a competitive team. Who knows what the record would be if we'd had one stud DE that could hurry the QB, or a bit more resolve at OT. They're not a powerhouse by any stretch of the imagination, but there is a lot of decent mostly young pieces there now. I'd have liked a few mores wins too, but I didn't expect much in the first year of a rebuilding process.