Bob Must Speak

Can we lay off Bob Young?
I mean, come on. Let's please not forget that he pulled this team out of the ashes -- literally.

If I ever get the chance to meet him, I'd give him a big pat on the back and thank him.

He's a successful entrepreneur..they don't come much more competitive than those types. I'm sure this is killing him.

The last thing he needs is the "fans" ragging on him. He's not an idiot -- he knows the state of the nation.

What he needs is a bit of moral support.

Rebuild? Rebulid?

Isnt that waht have been doing the past 5 seasons....jesus christt... How many times are you people going to say that shit....

Give your heads a damn shake....

What difference does it make if Bob speaks or what he says? Honestly, you have to take everything that executives (not just in sports) say with a mighty grain of salt.

Two examples:
Just last week, Taaffe's job was safe for the year. A post season evaluation would be done. Now he's gone

At the press conference on Monday. Obie talks about the playoffs this year. Says we are still in the thick of it and once you're in, records dont matter. Then in many eyes, he sells out the season less than a day later with Moreno's trade (I personally am taking the wait and see approach...havent decided how I feel yet).

So really, does whatever Bob might say, really make a difference?

I personly think he might as well say nothing. Mitchell fired Desjardins, Mitchell hired Obilovich, Obilovich confirmed Taffe and hired Bellefeuille, Creehan. Taffe fired Taffe and promoted Bellefeuille.

All Bob does is pay the bills which makes him the #1 fan. There is nothing he can say that will either be ridiculed or it will be perceived as placing blame. Or he can fire Mitchell and the replacement can roll the shiat down hill.

ha ha I could not have said it better. Good one.

No - layoff
Bob is the owner and a smart man, he leaves the football decisions to the people that know football.


Bo I mean Ob knows football LOL!

wow this is up there for stupidest thread.

you should be happy that bob makes himself available to the media and the fans. there are owners that dont do a thing.