Bob Must Speak

I haven't started a Bob Young thread before (ever), But he needs to step forward and make it clear that he is in this for the long haul, even if that means loosing a great deal of money over the next few years as this team rebuilds. Otherwise, this is nothing but a scam. Sorey...tough words, but reality. Attendance is going to plunge for the remaining three games. Our new import air lift is a bunch of 23-24 year old first year professionals (check out the players the Argo's just brought in). We're lite years away from having a competitive team. Next year, the few season ticket holders that elect to renew will mostly be entitled to a 25% credit (based upon this years ticket price). Unless Bob is going to bankroll this mess, without slash and burn salary dumps (even over paying for free agents because we will be forced to offer way above market price to get established players to come here), there are only two possible outcomes. One, we cut expenses and keep getting pounded (1-17 may be a record in futility we challenge next year), or this team folds or moves. So right now, Bob's committment to use his personal resources may well be the most critical success factor. Why should any fan keep plunking down there money, without that overt long term committment from the owner? So Bob, we're not asking you to comment on the football operation; just tell us drops in revenue will be covered without limiting your teams ability to get this ship headed in the right direction (a 3-5 year project as long as our saviours are Canadian draft picks and imports with zero professional experience.) Peace...

Why would he have to say that?

It is HIS team.

It is HIS money.

This site is on HIS server

I think the guy is in enough pain as it is without having to comfort fans,justify, or humiliate himself online. Plus what would he say that he has not said in the last 4 years?

It is a business and you can dress a pig up but at the end of the day it is still a pig. They sold the team to the media and community. We rallied! And the product did not change. They are dumping salary and dumping fast. Casey and Jesse are next!

Well Jesse is a free agent and Printers has not been able to win in the current situation(not his fault).

This team will need a couple years to rebuild so having Printers or Richie dosen't make any difference but trading Printers for Johnatan Brown and a Fletcher or Kenny Weaton may very well make this team better.

Sadly Hamilton fans are victim of mistakes.
Hiring wrong coordinators, drafting futures in stead of for sures and poor recruiting efforts by Obilovich force the team to start over. Tragic and dangerous times for the franchise.

HFxTC...its not about this site or his team. Why would any fan spend hard earned money on a team that is on the verge of insolvency? There is no way that revenues for the remainder of this year and next year will come close to actual expenses. If Bob's not in, he should do everyone a favor and fold the team. If he is in, he needs to speak...

the BOB that really needs to speak is BOB O!!!!

He spoke yesterday. Said we were trying to make the playoffs THIS year...

I see what your saying:

Your wondering if he is planning to quit on the team and the people of Hamilton?

I personaly don't think so. Just my opinion. Can you imagine fans are heartbroken some have spent 0 and some a grand on season tickets. Imagine spending a couple million...

Bob Mc Cowan on TheFan590 asked him
a question like that a while back.

He said, and I paraphrase...

'Ask me if I am going to sell the team again
when we have won two consecutive Grey Cups.

Is that not clear enough, folks?


Don't fear the team will become
insolvent in Bob Young's hands.

The only thing I feel sorry for Bob. Is that he dosen't trust himself enough to take over this team. He says he's a fan, he's smart and he's fair. I know when you own the pizza shop its not wise to go and make the pizza but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Hasn't killed Steinbrener or Mario Lemieux or Ilich...

Come on Bob! You can dewwww it!

After all its the only thing that hasn't been tried.

Ron, that's only half of the question. It's going to take serious cash (read expenses much greater than revenue) to turn this around anytime in the next few years. Not selling the team, but slashing expenses...been there done that with previous ownership. I do fear...

The only way this team goes away is if the fans stop showing up and if you can't field a proper team there is not much Bob can do to keep them from fleeing...He said himself he dosen't blame them and will compensate them if the team blows again this season.

Dosen't sound like a guy who is getting ready to bail to me and you don't sell off assets (only assets of a sports team are tickets sold and players) when you want to sell the team.

Why does Bob always have to come on here to hold your hands?

You all are worse than Leaf fans and how is this team supposed to rebuild when its fan base has the patience of a 4 year old with 5 redbulls in him.

I hear you HfxTC...But with the season ticket rebate, reduced walk ups for the remaining games this season, and less season ticket holders next year (this is not going to get fixed fast. Few if any would predict a playoff spot for the CATS next year), gate revenue is almost certainly to be down anywhere from 25-50%. An owner has three choices when that happens. Self or fold the team. Cover the losses (and they will be substantial) or slash costs like the previous ownership did. Two of the three options will have the same long term result: the team is gone. And Bob is the one that is going to make that decision. Meanwhile, he wants people to keep on spending their hard earned dollars.

Can I use that one or did you copyright it? :lol:

Don't worry about Bob's money. That's the last thing you should be worried about. Its nice and all...but really, dont worry.

And Bob will say: be patient fans we are in Transition on our way in the proper direction of the TEN YEAR PLAN :wink:

And it's going exactly the way they drew it up. Good thing we're in year 5 of the plan.

Its too bad Winnipeg tanked. He could have bought Winnipeg from the community move it to Hamilton, then move Hamilton back to Winnipeg and sell it back to them :slight_smile:

Bob has 'serious cash,'

some say he is a billionaire.

Bob put out a tremendous expense
last year when he won [lost?]
the Casey Printers sweepstakes.

Even if he loses 10's of millions
of dollars supporting this team,

he knows he must pour money in
to keep from losing more fans,

and he actually believes he will
get this team to turn a profit.

He knows that won't happen if he
puts the team on a shoestring budget.


Before he bought the Hamilton Ticats,

Dave Braley and the Montreal owner both told Bob that
throughout it's history CFL team owners have lost money.

Bob thinks he'll be one big-time exception.