Bob Mckoewn - CBC Fifth Estate

Don't know if I've got the spelling right but Bob McKoewn of CBC TV's Fifth Estate just did a lengthy stint on Bob McClown's Sportsnet show (the guy with the gruff expression, indoor sunglasses, looks like he was weaned on a pickle)

Anyways, if you missed this interview - FIND IT.

Probably the most profound, intelligent and succinct comments, analysis about the CFL and concussion issues facing the league and players.

Didn't realize McKeown played for the Ottawa Rough Riders in the 70s, so he's speaking from a position of historical knowledge.

An amazing piece. I hope he has some impact from CFL upper-ups - and not just the normal lip service!!!

Bob also worked for NBC and CBS news .

He was part of the 73 Riders Grey Cup Winning Team .

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I am afraid it's going to be another hatchet job on the CFL just before the Grey Cup. Ever since the CBC had to bend over to Rogers to keep HNIC, they have had a real hate towards the CFL. Either with negative stories, or just plain ignoring the league during the season and playoffs.


Mmm, I don't know about that. McKeown is a proud season ticket holder, just like the article states. He want football in Ottawa to succeed as well, but wants it to become a safer game. Get the team in Halifax (coast to coast) and CBC can't ignore the league, as it would be deemed culturally important broadcasting, which is what the CBC's mandate is. Not badmouthing, just informing...

Stories like this make me wonder what football will look like in 30 years. Scary stuff. I know I wouldn't let my kid play.

If you really want another look at what brain injuries can do, watch Luke Keuchly of the Carolina Panthers last night. Terrifying.


Concussions, however, are no laughing matter. I got one in my early 20s (also in Ottawa in the 70s, coincidentally) playing floor hockey. To this day I think it had a very negative and long-term effect on me.