Bob McCown takes a shot, sort of, at Bob Young

Just watching Bob speak on Sportsnet about the Pan-Am Games and he more or less said he thinks it's crappy that Bob Young is using the Pan-Am Games, which McCown made it clear he thinks any city in Canada should have no part of for a few reasons, to try and get at least the basics of a new stadium for the Ti-Cats. Go shove it McCown, you might think the Pan-Am Games are a C class event and hey, maybe they are to some not me but some, but your collegaues rightly pointed out that some excellent facilities for our youth will result as a result of these games at a much lower cost than grandiose, too expensive Olympics. :thdn: to McCown on this one at least.

“he thinks it’s crappy that Bob Young is using the Pan-Am Games, which McCown made it clear he thinks any city in Canada should have no part of for a few reasons, to try and get at least the basics of a new stadium for the Ti-Cats.”

Last time I checked, the Pan Am games was not Mr. Young’s idea and Bob (Young) appears to be just going with the flow on this and at least speaking positively about the event. If Ontario is indeed awarded the games (which I doubt will happen), there will be a new stadium built in Hamilton regardless of the Ticats owner’s thoughts, so, it is what it is, and why not turn it into a positive for crying out loud. Now Mr. Young is somehow bad because he looks forward to new digs for the team?..what the hey? Let’s recap here…

Toronto: Skydome, ACC, BMO field, CNE, recent Pearson Airport expansion and a billion other projects which have cost taxpayers gobs of cash the last few decades…

Hamilton: nothing but a new piece of pavement running through a valley and even then it took centuries for that to happen. :roll: :roll:

But I see, all of a sudden this new stadium for the Pan Am Games makes Mr. Young and through him, Hamilton, selfish? (words to that effect) …huh?..

Bob McCown, although entertaining sometimes and good at his craft, really is a knob if he is harbouring thoughts like this. :roll:

Sure, attack the Mr. Young over our football record the past few years (up until this year though) and that might be fair comment for a sports reporter to do, but McCown is crossing into areas of integrity and it’s so not true in my opinion.

Bob Young's the best, anybody who messes with him is asking for a whoopin from tigertown :twisted:

I know McCown is an Argos supporter and generally CFL supporter so I'm not saying that he is trashing the Argos/CFL in any way, shape or form but I really was caught off guard with his comment that basically amounted to Bob Young should build his own stadium and not use something as, in his mind, insignificant as the Pan-Am Games to bring a stadium to Hamilton again in any way, shape or form. Seems a bit out of character for McCown actually.


Before you wet yourself get the facts straight.

Mikey, weren't you the one that comes in here and whines that Ham. needs new sewers etc. ? Dont make me dig up the posts.

That is exactly what McCowan is talking about . McCowan is passionate about how the taxpayer is consistently screwed over when politicians go for image and votes for big projects like this and the private sector are only too glad to have someone else's money to do it.

Why put the burden of building stadiums on the taxpayers when its the private sector that will benefit the most, in short , let them build it not taxpayers.

Young's integrity was not attacked in any way shape or form. He was just used as an example of a private sector benefactor in the Pan Am bid nothing more .

So I guess that makes you a pair of knobs?

Actually Earl, Bob has been consistent and against all games.
He has been vocally anything which is tax payers funded.

Exactly, Young was used as an example by no means was it personal.

Fair enough guys and I don’t think I was suggesting McCown was attacking Bob Young’s integrity at all, no. Yes Mcown has a point with city infrastructure vs class C games, in his opinion, but would Bob McCown be supporting the games if The Games were the Olympics and Toronto as what it was all about? I don’t know. Is it true “all games” with McCown as you suggest arogtom? All I’m saying is that Bob McCown did not have to bring up Bob Young’s name in this discussion at all, but he did, so therefore in some way it is personal to some extent IMHO.

I'm with you on this Earl......if Mr. Young was to send a message that he wants nothing to do with the proposed Pan-Am stadium at it's proposed location whatsoever and will indeed build his own stadium up on the east mountain near the "Linc" and the Red Hill Expressway (where it should be for easy access to customers from all nearby regions), where would that leave the taxpayers in Hamilton?...a stadium with no significant tenant is where....and could you imagine the backlash?

McCown should mind his own "Toronto" beeswax and stay out of ours. :thdn:

When Tor. was bidding against Beijing for the rights to the previous Olympics McCowan was probably the only vocal opponent in Tor. sports media.

Taxpayer money mixing with private sport interests has always been his axe to grind.

Exactly deerhunter. Hamilton would have a 15,000 seater at the harborfront with no use at all. And mixing taxpayer money with private investment, and I'm no business person or government expert, seems a reasonable mix to me for stadiums, arenas, better than pure taxpayers money and most arenas, stadiums in Canada apart from some hockey arenas like ACC for the Leafs and maybe a few others, can't be built with private money alone to make a go of it.

Toronto is a part of the Pan Am bid. It is his beeswax.

Stop embarrasing yourself , mikey, you dont even know what the discussion is about.

Exactly.........Mr. Young has actually done the bid a huge favour by staying relatively silent on their stadium proposal and not interfering in the Pan Am Games bid by opposing anything.....if they lose the bid in the long run, nobody can point any fingers at the Ticats for muddying the waters.

I still maintain it's the worst possible location for a brand new stadium given the demographics of potential customers......sure, it may look pretty on TV for the actual Games, but in reality, for football customers?'s more isolated and hidden in a corner of the city than Ivor Wynne ever will be a royal pain in the ass to get to from areas within 10-20 miles of Hamilton.........and that's where the real bucks are.....let's face it. :slight_smile:

deerhunter, you're right as much as I do like the harbourfront renderings of a stadium, are you kidding me? A stadium on the mountain with a real tailgate atmosphere would draw all the way to London, Kitchener, it's a given it would be a money make big time. There is a pent up demand for such a stadium in southern Ontario and why shouldn't the Cats cash in? Bob Young is being very nice supporting the harbourfront idea.

I agree with the previous post...Bob McCowan is very entertaining...but so is MJ...but it does not make him GOD....Bob has found away to make himself money and that is being a very negative and well...a jerk....he is great a digging at people because that is what he knows.....outside of that, he is just like you and I....

Yes, and Bob McCown, I and many of us CFL fans love you, don't go and spoil it by being a negatron to just please your bosses at Rogers to be controversial, be your own man, that's what I've always pictured you to be, don't spoil it big guy! We all know you're a sports freak at heart, not a we have to fix this sewer or that sewer, not that that is not important, it is, but come on, you're a big sports freak at heart, right?

I couldn't disagree more with a stadium on the mountain. I can guarantee you if BMO Field was located at York instead of its current location, the fan base would not be nearly what it is.

In addition 'tailgating' is not actually permitted.

A stadium on the mountain is an awful idea and if the Pan Am Games does go through the waterfront location is ideal. I don't understand how people can support the urban sprawl when there is the need for development in the downtown core.

Bob also mentioned how the tax payer got screwed with the SkyDome. At least he is consistent in his view point and is not only singling a potential Hamilton stadium.

And besides, anyone who’s been paying attention knows that a new stadium in that area has a snowball’s chance of hell in being built in time for any Pan Am Games…the whole area is chock full of eccentric, left wing lawyers and left wing activists who have already promised they will tie up the stadium thing at the Ontario Municipal Board level for decades…and they do have a strong case it seems from what I’ve read so far.

I wondered why the Games Committee were forced to tour the proposed stadium area by helicopter only…lessens the chance they’d run into the “Yacht Club Gang” of lawyers and activists…lol :lol: :wink:

"In addition 'tailgating' is not actually permitted."

On private property it sure is !.......which is why Earl mentioned tailgating possibilities if the stadium was built privately on the mountain......