I have just heard Bob, who is regarded as the best sports radio personality and has had his show syndicated on radio and Sportsnet throughout Canada. He has always been pro CFL, but especially more so last few years. In fact, he tried years ago to be part of the ownership group in Las Vegas in the early 90's but " tricky" Nick Maleti was granted a franchise. Thats his history. Anyway, he attended the game yesterday and on the radio this afternoon during the call in portion, adivised it was fantastic, electric many superlatives. To include the million dollar kick and how he understands the highlights were seen throughout North America and which gives more positive advertising for the CFL. He said how it continuous to be the best entertainment value in the sport. I called in also and discussed it with him as I always do periodically on the radio and beat the CFL drums. He also predicted how all of the people will return for the Final and a sellout he believes will occur.

That's it argotom, keep pumping up the CFL to those Hogtowners!

im watchin the show on sportsnet right now....they were talkin about how noone cares about the nba anymore, and one guy ( from the hamilton spectator ) said he thinks, maybe the CFL's rise has something to do with it...hahaha

so they ARE recognising the CFL is movin on up!!