Bob man up and get in here and explain this train wreck

The June Jones blip had a different HC, OC, and DC from the previous Austin regime. Those couple of years should at the very least be considered separate from any continuity of the Austin era.

I’m all for cleaning house. If a regime can’t make any ground in 3 or 4 years it’s time for a new approach.


You’re right. In 2018 we had a new HC, OC and DC. Jones still kept a few coaches from the 17 staff.

So we kinda cleaned house, for a year.

This organization needs an enema


I can’t wait until spring.

I love me some JUNE

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June is really good golf weather . :heartbeat:


A team without an owner at the beginning of the year and barely got involved in free agency this year just won the Grey Cup in our stadium while our “astonishing organization” finished under .500 again and was sent home two weeks ago…


It’s ok guys, as long as we sign another expensive QB in the off season I am sure that will fix everything! :smiley:


The team without an owner added two game-changers to their D in Sankey and Lemon during the season.


bo was walking around the west concourse with his nose snubbed high.

bo, yes, if you are reading this, it was my wife and I who gave you the boverrated chant.

You looked so sour. :slight_smile:

Somebody’s drunk-posting.

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i wish.

long lineups in the stadium tonight.

but good to have a clear mind during the awesome game.

Haha we ran into him a got a pic. He was very cordial and willing to engage with fans.


we saw him as he reached the top of the stairs…and made a B-line to the tent that was in the SW corner. He wasn’t smiling and laughing at that time.