Bob man up and get in here and explain this train wreck

It will never happen but worth a try

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Possible response – Can’t do anything, right now. Too busy counting up how much profit we’ll see, this weekend, expecting this will go down as our best year, ever.

Why would he bother???

Two and half weeks ago at halftime on the radio he said, and I quote," We have an astonishing organization!!"…

Apparently, everything is great!!!

You think we have problems ? Wait for the reactions from the Buffalo Bills fans after this season . Zero Super Bowl wins in 56 years and counting .

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The Bills can be in a worse spot with every other NFL team has won a Super Bowl, like Cats fans have had to deal with.

It’s not the same thing.

Well the Leafs have a similar problem . The same 56 years without a Stanley Cup . Stuff happens but 56 years ?

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The Leafs and bills have a similar problem. They can’t win in a 32 team league. Every other NFL and NFL team have not won championships before them.

The Cats have a much worse problem. They can’t win in a 9 team league. Every other team has won.

The Cats are way worse than the Leafs and Bills.


Ouch. …

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Dear Caretaker

The good Hamilton fans need caretaking too.


Everything is great. On the soccer side of the ledger.


Astonishing doesn’t always equal greatness. He could have meant he is astonished that the team hasn’t hoisted a cup yet given the amount of money he spent.


Did the Argos QB Chad choke away their season like Jim Kelly did Super Bowls??

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20 NFL teams have won at least ONE Super Bowl . The Steelers and Patriots lead with 6 wins . Niners and Cowboys have 5 wins . Packers and Giants have 4 each . The Raiders , Washington , Broncos and Chiefs have 3 wins . The Ravens , Bucs , Colts , Rams and Miami have 2 . The Saints , Jets , Bears , Eagles and Seattle have one win each .
So 20 teams have had success over 56 years but somehow the Bills haven’t . The math is very clear . In most cases , solid ownership and faith in on field leadership matters . The Steelers and the Patriots have had the same owners through out . Chuck Noll , Bill Cowher and Mike Tomlin have led the Steelers while Bill Belichick has coached all Patriot Super Bowl wins . Continuity counts .

Good luck Bills but obviously not this year . The numbers don’t lie .

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Let’s get back to the CFL and use relevant comparisons.

Cup wins since the Ticats last GC win in 1999:

Toronto - 4
Calgary - 4
MTL - 3
BC - 3
Edm - 3
WPG - 2
Sask 2
Ott - 1

Every team that’s been in the league since 99 has won at least 2 Grey Cups to our ZERO.

Since 1999 the Ticats have the worst regular season record.

You’re making comparisons to the Patriots and Steelers, when you should be making comparisons to the Browns, Jets or LA Clippers.

Continuity is one thing, Insanity is another. And what the Ticats have been doing since 1999 (or at least 2004) is insanity.


love reading informative posts - thanks for the data

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LVII = 57 Kansas City last year
We are into year 58 this season

But hey it could be worse, look at Arizona or Minnesota

He wasn’t astonished at his organizations incompetence. He was selling how competent they are…Completely delusional…

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What’s he supposed to say,? We Suck, we stink like a coke oven smoke stack? A high school team could beat us ? Ya that will sell tickets and draw solid players ! Sheesh the negativity is the problem IMHO, No NFL personnel would be allowed to be so negative, it was the other teams good defence, their QB was in the zone, not we need to get better or we have to execute etc , If A curious newbe fan came on here I’m sure they would not be buying tickets
or tune in to TSN , The team is “Insane” " inept" “garbage” etc . I think 4 Grey cup appearances in 8 years was pretty good and 2 of those games could have been wins and one should have been. Next year could be the year they win one for the Caretaker! Remember he saved the franchise and maybe even the league !


He should say, “We need to get better and that’s what we’re going to do. No ones job is safe. Nothing less than a championship will do”.

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Hello all. I am a life long Cat fan. Born in the Hammer, now living in Sherwood Park AB. I am as frustrated as all of you are, but consider the alternative. No Cats. No Oskie Wee Wee. All of the memories and traditions gone. Don’t know about you, but if somehow the Cats ceased to exist, to me, it would almost be like losing a brother. I have been a season ticket holder for the Esks/Elks for 30+ years, and the atmosphere at THF is way more fun. Admittedly, it is still a bit of a novelty, as I only get to about one game per year. Believe me, I am as frustrated, and want to win as much as any of you are. But consider the alternative. You don’t what you’re got, ‘til it’s gone.