a few days ago cookie gilchrist passed away.. and now Bobby
he was a bruiser of a player....
and will be remembered for a style of football that the kids on the Ticats today would do well to emulate.

lots of heart and lots of soul.

he was a true Tabby

RIP Bobby....

Three time all star on both sides of the ball, three rings. Few could boast that.

The CFL needs more players who play with the attitude and approach to the game as that possessed by the late Mr. Kuntz. RIP warrior.

My condolences to his loved ones.

I'm very sorry to hear this news. I remember him playing for the Ticats. The "aerial play" where he would leap over the linemen at the line of scrimmage for a short-yardage TD was always exciting.

He was a gritty player, and by all accounts a very fine person. My sympathies to his family. I'm glad they have Grey Cup rings to wear in his memory.

Nobody had more desire to play the the CFL brand of football than Bobby Kuntz.

He was a pleasure to watch and his Grey Cup rings speak for themselves.

Rest in Peace.

Sad to hear about Bobby, a very tough solid player.

I wish could got to see him Play ..
But got to speak to him once and he nice man.
I am sorry for Kuntz Family's Loss

Rest in peace #23. As a kid, you were the player that I wanted to be. You will be missed but not forgotten.

Pat Lynch

I was too young to remember Bob Kuntz but do remember watching football since 1964-65. My thoughts go to the family.

Bobby Kuntz was only about 5'11 200 at best, but he played much bigger. A good FB but probably better at MLB. I also remember him as a great down field tackler on the kick returns. One of those guys that could just explode into a ball carrier.
A great Argo and a great Ticat.
Not so sure he would qualify as a non-import under present rules as I believe he moved to Kitchener from the States when he was about 14. But that didn't matter back then. He played High School and University ball in Canada.

Sorry to hear he spent his last years suffering from Parkinson's.

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