Bob Krouse.....

Anyone know if Bob Krouse is still around the Hamilton area? Last I heard he was a Principal in Grimsby. Anyone have him for a teecher? Is he retired now?
I was in Grade 12 at Central with him in 1961. I watched him play(via TV 'cos I was long gone after that) for 14 years with the Tiger-Cats. Never got much recognition either. Heck of an athlete in high school.
Any information would be appreciated.

Number 14 on field and #1 in your hearts...

Bob Krouse lives out towards Grimsby and is a part time teacher in Hamilton.

He is one of the few players to come right out of High School and start playing in the CFL. He was fortunate to win a Grey Cup in his rookie year - 1963 - and went on to win 3 more! He also scouted for the team.

He is a Past President of the Alumni and still very active on the executive. He is particularly involved with the annual Wall of Honour Dinner.




Thanks a million for the update.
The last time I spoke to him was at the Ridley College training camp in the early 70's.
Good to see he is still involved with the team.
There was a hockey player in our Grade 12 class at Central who did OK too. His name was Paul Henderson!