Bob Irving not buying in !

@BobIrvingCJOB: "Disappointing that so many media have succumbed to the cfl's ridiculous decision to call Canadians & Americans nationals & internationals"

Agreed 100%!

Yes…what was wrong the I/NI designation?

I always found "non-import" to be a bit unwieldy of a term. I find national/international sounds much more sensible and clear. I imagine that when the league brought in the import/non-import designations, people also complained, clinging to whatever the previous terminology was.

The new terminology sounds awkward and why change something that isn't broken ?

We've been calling American players "imports" for about 100 years. The problem was "non-imports". Canadians should not be "non" anything in their own league. The term Canadian had to be changed in the 1960's after a player sued claiming he was released due to his nationality (which is discrimination, I guess).

I'd propose using the terms "National" and "Import" if Canadian can't be used. :expressionless:

To me, it was broken. Hence, I don't mind the change, which doesn't sound awkward like the old terminology did. It's all subjective, I suppose.

Totally agree, I always hated the term and am glad it is gone. I seem to recall someone raising the issue a few years ago at a Cohon State of the League fan get together.

So I guess the Canadian Football League is now politically incorrect too.....time to get new judges.

I'm with you on that. So we can agree on some things. :?