bob irving: inside scoop on who will be hired in Winnipeg

If Taman is GM, Marshall will be HC.

If Barker is GM, Chris Jones will be HC.

If Mack is GM, Irving doesn't know who will be HC.

...........welll i think IF this prophetic take has any substance....hmmmm looks like Marshall will remain in the hammer...cuz i have a hunch Taman is going to be the next gm in sask....soo it looks like you'll keep your dc .. two and out.....UNLESS the argos have a change of heart on Milanovitch :wink:

Bob Irving seemed to confirm your hunch, Papa...reporting this morning that his sources in Regina are telling him that Taman is gonna be the man in Riderville...

Penton from the Winnipeg Sun seems to think that if Barker is hired, Milanovich will be hired as HC. This goes against what Irving speculated.

I think that article in the Sun was the first mention of Milanovich in connection to the Bombers HC position that I've seen. What happened to Cortez?

Good question...

But are we considering the Sun as a valid source? lol

I'd be overjoyed if we got to keep Marshall.His D plays hard, they improve with each passing game and they make half-time adjustments that actually do make an impact.How he would fare as a HC, I don't have a clue.MB was a pretty terrible OC yet he's a great HC.

.....QUESTION.....IF the Bombers hire Milanovitch....which is quite possible now that Mack is the new man in the Peg (confirmed today by sportsnet)...that leaves the Argo door still open..I don't recall hearing who the argos second choice for head coach is??????Could Greg still get a look.....orrrrrrrrr is Berry waiting in the wings??????Guess we should find out soon.. :roll:

The Bombers Board Wants Greg Marshall and I Think that Reason Mack got the job.

All we've heard out of Toronto for sure is that Milanovich and Berry were interviewed. If they have interviewed any other candidates, I have not heard.

.....You could be on to something OnKnight......the board along with A LOT of the players want Greg....we'll see how much by next week??????I could live with Marshall.....and i hope he retains Nelson if he were hired....I'd hate to see him trot off to the Cats....... :wink:

Papa I would suspect that no matter who is hired as head coach he'll keep Nelson on. Marshall, for examle, is a defensive coordinator of many years standing, so I'm sure he is aware of and can appreciate the good job Nelson did last year.