Bob Irving: High potential for Bomber rookies


Like the seven other teams in the CFL, the Winnipeg Blue bombers are anxious to see what they have when they open their rookie camp on Wednesday, June 1st at the Winnipeg Indoor Soccer Complex.

General Manager and Vice president of football Operations, Joe Mack, is optimistic, but cautious about the team’s off-season recruits.

"We feel good about a lot of the new players we have signed, but it's so difficult to predict how a player will react in his first pro camp," says Mack.

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"We feel good about a lot of the new players we have signed, but it's so difficult to predict how a player will react in his first pro camp," says Mack.
Hmmm, not exactly what I was hoping to hear Joe, you did pass on some pretty good prospects in the draft afterall.

What he said is true and wouldn't have changed no matter who we drafted. No one knows for certain how a player in any sport will react in his first TC.

what? surely you understand that a pro camp is a big step up for any draft prospect. His statement has no bearing on whether hes uncomfortable on their choices. just a fact.

Okay, I'll admit it, I didn't like the our 2 first round picks. I thought we needed a blue chip olineman and receiver, not a LB'r and project receiver, just my opinion, and I hope Mack proves me dead wrong.

Ah…makes more sense then.
But i suspect Mack would be saying the same things even if he drafted who you preferred. Its a huge step up for all prospects and I have some personal experience of that. Its tough.
by the time you get to this level your competition were the best players in their national high school leagues, then the top of the college levels…then against experienced pros…keeps winnowing down.

Does this help, Pigseye?

Burke has also been impressed with the third player in the mix at middle linebacker, first overall pick Henoc Muamba.

“He’s going to definitely provide some great depth for us this year and compete for the starting (middle linebacker) job next year,? Burke said.

“Eventually you’d like him to fulfil a role like Shea (Emry) did for us in Montreal. His rookie year, he wasn’t very good. He was a real good special teams player, but he wasn’t a great linebacker. When he came back to camp the next year he was a great linebacker.?


Ask me again after Watson or one of our starting NI olinemen go down.

Pigseye what would have to happen with the players drafted for you to be satisfied?
Or no matter what, will you’ll be disatisfied because they never took a limeman?
Seems like you always take a position that allows you to complain regardless of what takes place.

Stating ones opinion is not complaining. Just because it runs contrary to some, doesn't make it complaining either.

The whole purpose to offer another side of the coin and to get people to think, respond and form their own opinion and not just parrot the organization and/or media. Not unlike what Paul Friesen tries to do in the Sun. :wink:

No question.,differing opinions are important.
If your opinion was that they should have drafted a lineman would you be now complaining if they didn’t address the worst NI receiving crew in the league?

Again it seems that you take the position that allows you to complain regardless of what happens.

Back to my question: What do the new additions have to do to have you satisfied?

I would have preferred Coehoorn or Parker over Etienne. But picking up Pooblah in the supplemental appears to have offset that as well as the selection of Mahoney. They appear to have done well as far as the NI receivers goes. We really aren't in that bad of shape on that front when you look at the roster now with Watson, Hargreaves, Bishop, Mahoney, Etienne & Pooblah. My point still remains though, that I don't agree with taking a project like Etienne, who might have to go back to CIS for his final year, with a first round selection.

As for the oline, I would have preferred one of the top in the draftt, instead we waited until 17 overall before taking one. But again they seem to be satisfied with the guys coming up on the roster already, Greaves, Morencie etc. They do have some interesting talent there after all.

Just saying that it wouldn't have been the way I would have approahed it.

Now I will give them credit for addressing a glaring need, that being special teams. Our coverage was dreadful last year and with the likes of Muamba and the other selections, I think they will improve, that was good. I can actually see where their direction was in their thinking of these picks.

so basically your objection is taking Etienne over Coehoorn as Parker was gone. I guess a couple of years will be needed to grade that one.
enjoy training camp.

Well, flag, speaking for myself here (and not presuming to speak for pigseye), I wouldn't say that I have any objection to the drafting of Etienne, just that I am (and was at the time) rather puzzled by it.

Most everything you read leading up to the draft had Parker, Coehoorn, and Iannuzzi, in that order, as being the top Canadian receivers available. So, after Calgary picked Parker at #3, I was expecting (and I think most were expecting) Mack to select either Coehoorn or Iannuzzi at #4.

Instead, he surprised everyone and picked Etienne.

So my reaction is one of being puzzled; does Mack know something all the self-appointed experts don't?

We'll only learn who was 'right' after we see how the respective careers of Etienne, Iannuzzi, and Coehoorn pan out.

But I was, and am, a tad puzzled by the pick. I wonder what Mack saw in Etienne that made him think he was a better pick than Coehoorn or Iannuzzi. Maybe we'll find out . . .

yup we’ll see.
i can understand the puzzlement. i suspect that the 4-5 year age differences and comparative skills at that age was a weighing matter.
not saying who of those two will excel, just trying to have pigseye be clear in his statements. I’m always puzzled by open ended statements that allow ambuguity followed by the ubiquitous smilie causing further confusion. then a statement down the road that says…“see? I was correct.”

got it now tho.

…It’s called.‘befuddling’ and ‘bedazzling’…pigseye is a master at it…Matter of fact i use this strategy myself at times :lol: …I can see why pigseye is expressing a little …let’s say ‘confusion’ at our 4th pick at this time…AND that’s the rub…‘at this time’…We will only know if our strategy was accurate in going with Etienne over Coehoorn over a period of time…We definitely went in the right direction as far as Muamba is concerned…we’re never going to be sorry with that pic…Mitchell who was seen by many as our no 1 pick apparently reported to esks. camp with an ankle ‘tweak’ …So we’re ahead in that pic dept. right from the get go :wink:

WHAT??? appeared to be confused flag......see how that works :lol: :lol:

So you disagree with Pigseye then about our first pick since it sounds like he thinks we should have taken Mitchell over Muamba.

......DEFINITELY.....i thought i better use caps. to high-lite that and avoid confusion....Muamba will make us all forget about Mitchell in time.... :lol: I respect pigseyes opinion in that it's very hard to pass on a highly rated o lineman in Mitchell...You usually start the draft with taking these guys ( o linemen) UNLESS there's a superior athlete at another position that's just too good to pass on, which i think Muamba is.....The real steal is getting this guy Kito Poblah...He could prove to be the real NO 1 pick in 2011....We'll see :wink: