's an idea how to give back to the fans!'s an idea how to give back to the fans, who have put up with the last several seasons.Why don't you rent Copp's Coliseum for a night and have a buffet for all the season ticket holders. They can all meet and greet other fans and see the organization reaching out to it's supporters. Say 10,000 show up at a cost of 10 bucks a person to the Ticats, it's $100,000 thank you and pre 2008 promo. Maybe you'll get some renewals at the event as well, once they've had something to eat. :slight_smile:

Sounds like a good idea but it will never happen....

Bob should just buy a round of pickled eggs for all season ticket holders on Release the Curse night, November 21st, live at the Horseshoe Tavern. Much lower overhead, while accomplishing the same goals.

I think Bob shuld give all the season ticket holders free tickets and a steak dinner every game that they lose.

I think he should make my car payments and pay for my childrens’ educations.

Then I want him to pay for my retirement, becuase, after all, he owes us everything doesn’t he?

Bob owes us squat.

Where does this sense of entitelment come from?

Don’t like what’s happening with the team, then buy it and run it your way, or stop going or stick it out. It’s only football.

Let me ask this. Once the Ti-Cats start winning, what should we pay Bob? A new stadium perhaps?

I like Bunner’s idea.

Listen to CaptainKirk.. he knows whats up.

Cap'n Kirk knows the score!

They dont call him The Captain for nothing lads.

Bob doesnt owe the fans anything, but the fans also dont owe him anything...especially more money for a bad product.

It may sound like 'GOING to the WELL' once too often ... but Mister Obvious says it is time to offer 'The Traditions Club' one more time ... especially with the IMPENDING Price INCREASE ... a little INCENTIVE could go a LONG way.


Meanstreak is on to something. I'd buy it again.

I agree with Meanstreak and Captain Kirk on this one. It is always good business to provide added value to the most loyal customers.