BOB .....For Heaven's sake.......Start COLLAROS !!! and END THIS CONTROVERSY!!!

Lets see what Collaros can do and put this controversy to bed.
We know that the Als are terrible so who cares about beating them.

What controversy? What do you think will happen if Zach starts? The Cats either win or lose, and the sun comes up on Saturday morning.

Not Bob's decision

That ship has sailed and they don’t care what Collaros can do anymore. Right now he is tying up $500K of cap space and they want to liquidate this asset. Let’s say he plays the final meaningless game against the Als. He then either craps the bed or gets a serious injury. His trade value then plummets and the Cats would not get something of value in return. Why risk it at all if he is not in their future plans?

There is no downside to putting ZC in now. As i note in other posts I think the shadow of KA looms large in this. I have a friend who has been in the room and will only offer that there is real bad feelings between KA and ZC. This was earlier in the season and since that time neither has seen the field again. Ok Zac for one series. Anyone not think KA would hold a grudge and throw his weight around.

TeddyFay I think you are right. Not Bobs decision nor Junes me think.

I don't think a backup qb as the highest paid player in the league is good trade value .He will be released

You're bang on. Both sides will move on and Zach will either be a Drew Tate type of backup or get another starting job and excel. We will move on with Holy Moly Mediocre Masoli and hopefully surround him with enough talent to win.

Having said that it's not all or nothing. It's very possible Masoli and Collaros go on to have long standing great careers. There's nothing that says only one can succeed.

What’s all this negativity. In other words if the Ticats Staff had Bo Micheal sitting on the side lines
and was giving Masoli all the playing time, you guys would be all right with that?? You would be saying Bo is not as good as Masoli etc,etc.

Bull Sh$T! is my answer.

It’s not who’s better than the other person. I don’t care if Masoli plays rings around Collaros.
Its all about giving the other person a chance to prove himself. If Collaros fails fine. Get rid of him.
But if he does really well, then he is worth even more and the ticat staff have a decision to make.

So I don’t want to hear bull Sh$t excuses for not playing Collaros, I see this as a screw-up by
the Ticat coaching staff. Plain and simple.

And if they trade Collaros without giving him a Live action test(now or preseason game) I hope
he comes back and bits us on the ass. (as an Argo)

Bo Levi Smith wouldn't go 0-8. You can't say Zach didn't get a chance. 8 games is a lot of chances.

I don't know how qualified you are in assessing talent and ability but just maybe the Ticat staff knows something about Collaros that the fans do not. I mean these coaches see both Collaros and Masoli taking reps at practice everyday. They must have some clue that the right guy is running Jones' run and shoot offence.

If the Cats have determined that Collaros is not part of their future plans then they would probably prefer to give Masoli more game time experience to prepare for next season. They will not waste that learning opportunity for Masoli in order to satisfy some fans curiosity about a departing player.

Masoli had played the same 0-8 games it would have been the same result. This is only here-say
on your part. There's no proof it would had turned out any different.

There is no proof that Collaros is not part of the Ticats future plans. And according to K. Austin
"the only way to judge a players ability is through live action(by playing a game against an opponent)"
So they have not properly judge Collaros ability to play on Jones's offence period.

Bottom line: Bad Coaching decision period.

And who is this friend, how reliable is he?

As readers, we have no answers to these questions.

Unless we hear this information first hand from those involved what you're offering through this "friend" is nothing more than hearsay and has no value in this discussion.

P.S....For a manager and coach, holding a grudge is childish and unproductive. You need the rest of this team to generate wins. You can't communicate well with these people if you are holding a grudge.

After all, Kent Austin needs to lead this team...

Thank you for adding some common sense to this discussion...

Is Jones confirmed for next season? or will this be the same Scenario as we saw in BC where the "Prince" retreats to the office tosave his job and rope a dope the fans and then takes the HC job back the next season?

I hope Jones decides to stick around, seems like a good coach.

I hope June Jones stays.

He's given the offense life and it's fun as a fan to watch.

June Jones is not confirmed, but, I think he will be re-signed.
IMHO, the only way he won't be back is if he gets a NCAA gig offered. :-\

In a very short period of time

June Jones has made Masoli better
June Jones has made Banks better
June Jones has made the Team better
And in the wise words of the modern philosopher Obie

"BETTER IS BETTER" :slight_smile:

Trouble is, is that Masoli, Banks and June Jones all need to be re-signed!
IMHO, if JJ is re-signed then both Masoli and Banks will follow.

I am looking forward to what he can accomplish with a full Training Camp and a full season

If Austin is HC next year, the team will be playing in an empty stadium.

He's also highly regarded and connected in the US. That should really help with recruiting if he stays.