Bob Dyce Hired as ST Coordinator?

So says Arash Madani, on Twitter:

Per #CFL sources: The #RedBlacks have hired Bob Dyce, the former Riders interim head coach, to be Ottawa's special teams coordinator.
Coverage teams improved over the last three or four games, but they still couldn't get a decent return to save their lives. And even then, I think a lot of that was a matter of Campbell getting directly involved. Sounds like a nice move. :thup:

Good hire .

The bar was already pretty low there, mind you. I don't know him but I've only heard good things, so :thup:

You guys got a good man, Dyce got a bad deal in Sask, just another victim of the Cory mess. He will add to your special teams for sure!!

The guys seemed to want to play for him, even when the season appeared to be lost. That's always a good sign.

I don't follow the other teams all that much, and not to get too far off topic, but from the outside looking in, it is AMAZING that damage one dude could do to a franchise. One highly-placed individual, of course, but still. Chamblin might as well have brought a flame-thrower to camp on day one to make things faster. Unbelievable. I wonder what'll come off him.

With luck he will coach Calgary!! LOL
Yah his aggressive D was not so aggressive, and yes he screwed us over big!!