Bob "Don't Touch Me, I'm Made of Glass" Sanders out again

Yup... Bob Sanders is out once again. This is the fourth season of his six year career that he's played only 6 or fewer games.

For the love of God, please TRADE OR CUT THIS GUY!!! He's a good defender when he's healthy... but he's never friggin healthy! This guy gives Jesse Lumsden a run for his money. I'd rather have a guy who's going to be there game after game.

This guy is useless. Junk him! Let another team waste a contract on him...

The one positive for Colts fans is his season being over makes no difference as he's been out most of the last 2 years. Agree though Chief when he does play he changes that whole Dfense. With Freeney and Mathis who needs safeties anyway :lol: