Bob could buy IWS for $1 and then...

Ok, would it advtangeous financially for Bob to purchase IWS for $1 and then spend his own money to put into it to upgrade it with modern seating, lighting etc. so that Hamilton would be a worthy host for a Grey Cup? Or is this a ridiculous idea?

I think so.

I'm just curious to know where this is coming from? Is the Stadium for sale?

Just coming from my noggin woody, which can mean nothing really. I was just wondering about something for Hamilton after reading the Ottawa Citizen article about FCS needing upgrading and this being one of the reasons why the Gades will not be back for '07.

Bob was too late. I just made the purchase for the Stadium for a $1.

Gotcha! Bob said something about upgrades to Ivor Wynne in one of his early "owners updates". I can't remember if he eluded to who would be responsible for what, but it would be nice to see some seats put below the Dofascovision.

Perhaps if we are awarded another Grey Cup...then that would provide the funds to put in more seating!(and some upgrades to the seats)

If the city wants a Grey Cup I think the city should contribute money to upgrades. The Grey Cup brings well over 50 million to a city and I think the city has a responsibility to contribute money to the stadium. Since they do own it. :wink:

Last Time Hamilton Hosted it They Loss Money.

I say No to a Grey Cup for now

Last time they had it here it was run very badly and cfl was at a low point here that is why they lost money .

Wow, what a gross overestimate! 50 million, c'mon now. A lot of the tickets that would be sold would be to Hamiltonians, so that's not new money coming into the city.

As for Bob buying the stadium, why would the city want to do that? If all hell broke loose (and it could) basically Bob, or any owner could hold the stadium ransom and not let anyone play there. I don't think the city wants that.

If any owner wants more seats in the stadium so he can make more profits he's going to have to do it himself. The city doesn't need another 5,000-10,000 seats in the stadium. They would just be more empty seats at the high school games that are played there.

I am seriously considering that I will get my pair of season's tickets for just one more year unless I hear from the city that they are going to really upgrade the quality of seating in IWS ie. magic markers used for bench numbers, christ, some junior B arenas are better than this, a complete disgrace, or do something even better.

PC45 wrote:

Wow, what a gross overestimate! 50 million, c'mon now. A lot of the tickets that would be sold would be to Hamiltonians, so that's not new money coming into the city.
The economic impact is far greater than money generated from ticket sales. Restaurants, hotels, bars, etc all rep the rewards.

Read this:

Fans expect to pump $40 million into city


Interesting article. Though it should be pointed out, as it had been in the past, hosting the Grey Cup may not be as good for Hamilton’s economy as you might think. It was said that the city of Hamilton could not be a good place for the event. It was said people who would be coming from out of town would spend most of their time in nearby places like Toronto. There may not be enough places for people to stay in downtown Hamilton, and so economic rewards may not be reaped as they were in Vancouver last year.

And you can click here for a thread in which this same topic is discussed.

Anyway, I understand that IWS could use a few upgrades. And I’d be interested in hearing about what kinds of upgrades will be made.

I can see why our Caretaker is reluctant to upgrade IWS. Not only is the stadium not his but our own great city of Hamilton refuses to put money into it. Whomever is in charge of Hamiltons sporting teams, events and what not, I believe its HECFI, do a terrible job, they have allowed Copps to fall into poor shape, they fail to really bring anything to this city.

IWS is 75yrs old, I don't think upgrades are the way to go, I think an all new Stadium would be the best thing. I know you may think I am out of my tree, but Tigercats thanks to Bob Young are beginning to show that win or lose they can make money. So why not build a state of the art stadium sort of like IWS I mean I love IWS's layout.

Build it on the Mountain where there is more room, build it in a way like NFL stadiums are built, Parking all the way around the stadium. We all can tailgate have a great time then the team can make more money selling parking instead of people around the stadium doing it.

If you put it in an undeveloped part of the mountain then it can have more use than just a CFL stadium..Concerts can be played there bringing in more money for example.

I know Hamilton is too cheap to undertake such a thing and it would take a lot of faith on Bob Youngs part to put that much into such an undertaking but the fans deserve it, the team deserves it, and the city deserves it.

It will be a wet one today, hmmm, better bring my permanent magic marker today to make sure I mark my seat in case it keeps raining during the day and someone trys to grab it. :lol:

I agree with alot of things you said, the city should put more money into or Bob should build his own. I disagree with the mountain. When they honoured Earl Winfield on the wall of fame his one comment that stuck out was this that this one of the only stadiums in a the heart of the city and residential area. I LOVE THAT ABOUT IWS

I said it before but it's to late now. The ideal situation was at Mac. They could have made an expandable state of the art stadium, got the university alumni involved added either Dofasco or Stelco into the mix and made it indoor. It could have sat 5,000 to 10,000 for Mac and Vanier Cup games if necessary and 40,000 for Ticat games. The engineering would have been fabulous. It would have been cost effective and used 12 to 15 times a year for football and even 10-20 a year for basketball if built right. To bad, to late.

Still would like to see Bob head up a new stadium, do you think we could get steel anywhere? Hmm? The city would have to buy in so to speak and the seating would have to be max 40,000 which would save a lot of money but possibly rule out a Grey Cup. Pipe dreams my friends, but as much as I love IWS I would think that to make lasting upgrades you would be looking at $ 15 million minimum (probably a very low esimate), lighting, structural enhancememts and additional seating even 5000 more seats.

Put it into something new